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  • A screenshot from “Life and Nothing More”
    Photos of the abandoned village of Koker in Rudbar County, Gilan Province, will go on view Friday at a solo exhibition in Tehran. Lifestyle and landscape photographer Alireza Elahi is to present...
  • Top-Notch Paintings on Show at IAF
    A collection of paintings by veteran artists is on display at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran until June 26. The group exhibition features works of 42 artists from the Association of Iranian...
  • Group Exhibition at Historical House
    The 400-year-old walls of the gallery of Safavi House in Isfahan Province are displaying works of Persian calligraphy and page illuminations created by a group of artists.  Open to the public till...
  • Iran is facing its harshest drought in the past 50 years
    A documentary on drought in a village in Khorasan Razavi Province will be shown at the 12th International Traveling Film Festival on Water in Bangalore, India. Titled “Death of Kariz,” the movie...
  • Masoudieh Mansion
    Masoudieh, a luxurious mansion from the Qajar era (1786-1925) is located in southwest of Baharestan Square in the southern part of the city. Most visitors remember the mansion first for its fine...
  • Christo Javacheff stands in front of his “The London Mastaba” in Hyde Park
    With over 7,000 oil barrels, Bulgarian-American sculptor, photographer and conceptual artist Christo ...  
  • Kaboutar khaneh served as a nest for a large number of pigeons.
    Architecture of old buildings in Gavart village in central Isfahan is to be studied at a meeting at the Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum in Tehran. According to the Persian website Honaronline, the...
  • Bidel Dehlavi Congress Slated for July
    The Bidel Dehlavi Foundation says the fifth Bidel Dehlavi International Congress will be held July 5-6 in Tehran.  Maulana Abul-Ma’ani Mirza Abdul-Qadir Bidel, better known as Bidel Dehlavi (1642–...
  • IAF to Honor Documentarian Houshang Azadivar
    Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran will host a ceremony on Wednesday to commemorate the late poet, translator and documentarian Houshang Azadivar who passed away last month at the age of 76....
  • Grand Bazaar
    Tehran Grand Bazaar, a huge maze of bustling corridors in south Tehran, offers visitors a unique shopping experience. To venture into the bazaar, one must first be free from any fear of crowds. It...
  • Sa’dabad Palace
    On the northern flank of Tehran, where the city rises to meet mountains, there is a large complex of gardens and mansions built by monarchs of the Qajar (1786-1925) and Pahlavi (1925-1979)...
  • A screenshot from “No Date, No Signature”
    The feature film “No Date, No Signature” written and directed by Vahid Jalilvand has won the best director...
  • Saba Institute Will Hold Workshop on Page Illumination
    Saba Cultural Institute in Tehran, affiliated to the Iranian Academy of Arts (a cultural institution under the auspices of the Presidential Office) has organized a workshop on page illumination (...
  • Herbert Bayer’s Work Under Restoration at Sa’dabad
    A silkscreen print by American-Austrian graphic designer, photographer, sculptor and interior designer...
  • Henry Miller’s Novella in Persian
    Autobiographical novella “Quiet Days in Clichy” written by the American writer Henry Miller is available in Persian. The tender and nostalgic work is a spectacle of love, art and Bohemian life at...
  • Rastak music group
    Folk music band Rastak has released a new album “Spring” (Bahar in Persian) in two audio and video editions. Spring is Rastak’s fifth album which, similar to the band’s previous albums, comprises...
  • Iran at Seoul Int’l Book Fair
    Seoul International Book Fair 2018 will open June 20 with the participation of Iranian publishers. 
  • Elif Shafak’s Şemspare  for Persian Speakers
    A collection of essays by the celebrated Turkish-British author Elif Shafak has been translated in Persian by Saber Hosseini and published by Morvarid Publication. Titled “Şemspare” (Pieces of the...
  • ‘Incredibles 2’ Crushes Animation Box Office Record
    The Disney and Pixar production premiered to an estimated $180 million at the domestic box office...
  • Seminar on Facade Engineering
    Iranian Architecture Center in Tehran is to hold on Wednesday a seminar on “Façade Engineering,” one of the main elements in aesthetic of buildings and urban landscape. The center’s first seminar...
  • “Hint of Love” by Nurieh Mozaffari
    Wetpaint Gallery in Gloucestershire, UK, is showing “Contemporary Art of the Middle East.”
  • Paintings on Life Views
    A group painting exhibition by 18 young artists is underway at Idea Gallery.  “The View” features 25 oil and water color paintings about the views of the artists toward ordinary life, Honaronline...
  • From Realism to Abstract
    A group painting exhibition by nine young visual artists is being held at Shirin Art Gallery. Titled “Unrecognized Methods,” it includes paintings of various techniques from realism to abstract,...
  • Greek Musicians to Hold Concert
    Vahdat Hall in Tehran is set to host two concerts with a repertoire of various works from Baroque to the 20th century.  Slated for June 29-30, the concerts will be performed by an international...
  • Hyper Ego on Display
    Young sculptor Maryam Rahimi has featured her solo artwork exhibition at Shirin Art Gallery in an exhibit that opened June 15 and will run until July 4. Titled Hyper Ego, it is a showcase of...