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Persian “Art and Fear” Available

Persian “Art and Fear” AvailablePersian “Art and Fear” Available

Translator Fattah Mohammadi, who has a special focus on art and philosophical works, has released the Persian edition of an intricate book by French philosopher Paul Virilio, 86, known as prophet of doom and pessimism. “Art and Fear,” Virilio’s vision about the impact of modern technology on the contemporary world is a powerful and disturbing book, covering art, science, politics and warfare. It was originally published in 2000 under the title “The Silence Trial”. Publishing house of Hezareh-Sevom, based in the city of Zanjan, has released the Persian edition of Art and Fear, the website of Tandis online magazine of visual art reported. A cultural theorist, urbanist and aesthetic philosopher, Virilio is one of the original, provocative, critical and lonely voices from contemporary continental philosophy, a series of western philosophical schools and movements associated primarily with countries in western Europe, especially Germany and France. In Art and Fear, Virilio traces the twin development of art and science during the 20th century. In his provocative and challenging vision, art and science vie with each other for the destruction of the human form. Virilio traces the connections between the way early twentieth century avant-garde artists twisted and tortured the human form before making it vanish in abstraction, and the blasting to bits of men who were no more than cannon fodder in the trenches of the Great War; and between the German expressionists’ hate-filled portraits of the damned, and the “medical” experiments of Nazi eugenicists; and between the mangled messages of global advertising, and the organization of global terrorism, wrote.


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