• The trade spat between the US and Canada during a summit in Quebec earlier this month caused Germany and France  to sharply criticize Donald Trump's controversial decisions.

    Iran can play a significant role in encouraging European powers to resist US pressure following Washington's unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, says a former diplomat. 
    The Europeans will continue to support the agreement as long as Iran honors its commitments, Ali Khorram told ISNA in an interview published on Sunday. 
    "Iran can play a considerable role in encouraging the European Union to resist US sanctions," he said, adding, "There is a broad consensus that Europe will make efforts to fulfill its obligations, but the question is whether or not Europe will be able to actually meet its commitments in the face of US pressure." 
    It is "unlikely" that large European companies will have the capacity to take whatever punishment the Americans mete out if they choose to continue doing business with Iran, but it may be easier for smaller companies to do so, he noted. 
    US President Donald Trump announced in May that he was pulling out of the landmark 2015 deal, in which world powers offered Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for restraints on its nuclear program.


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