• Due to the steep increase in prices laptops have become unaffordable for many.

    As laptop prices skyrocket, Iran’s ICT Guild Organization has called on authorities to decrease import tariffs on the portable gadgets and other computer parts to help control prices and curb smuggling.
    Currently, the import tariffs on laptops stand at 15% and the customs duty on computer parts is between 12-15% in Iran.
    Chairman of the guild Hamid Tavasoli says that the organization is in talks with the government over the revision of the import tariffs, news website Digiato reported.
    Over the past five years, the government of President Hassan Rouhani raised import tariffs on laptops in two phases, from 4% to 10% and later to 15%. The government says the higher customs duties is in line with its policy of “supporting for domestic production”.
    The administration on both occasions had said it has plans to supply 70% of consumer demand in laptops via domestic production. The problem is that locally manufactured laptops simply do not exist! 

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