• Rejecting Direct Intervention, Government Taps Education

    President Hassan Rouhani's administration has no intention to interfere in the activities of Iranian startups or impose its will on the sector since authorities are of the opinion that deregulation along with providing younger generations with proper education are the key to boosting the sector, an official with the ICT Ministry told reporters.
    The head of the ICT Ministry's Innovation Center Hamidreza Ahmadian says the decision-makers maintain that the government should refrain from over-regulating the startup ecosystem in a bid to provide the private sector with greater breathing space, local startup news blog Ecomotive reported.
    On the sidelines of a recent meeting with members of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Ahmadian said the administration has no plans to regulate the startup ecosystem, although he pointed out that some fields of business are gradually getting saturated and soon the market will balance itself out.

    Ahmadian was talking in reference to the rapid increase of e-riding applications both in terms of usership and variety. There are over two dozen ride-hailing services in Iran with observers saying that the market is reaching saturation point.
    Among the applications are major players such as Snapp, Tap30 and Carpino along with other less known taxi services like  iTaxi, Touchsi, Cheetax, Taxi-Ma, Qonqa, netC, Aac Taxi, Atlastaxi, Zod Taxi, U-Cab, Spin Taxi, Ride Net, Pingo Taxi, Itakk, Cab30, Carzinn, Savar, Foriro, Dash-Taxi, Carma, Shetab Taxi, Dinnng, Ajancy and Spintaxi.

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  • Rejecting Direct Intervention, Government Taps Education
    President Hassan Rouhani's administration has no intention to interfere in the activities of Iranian startups or impose its will on the sector since authorities are of the opinion that deregulation...
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  • Each farmer owns a personal page on Keshmoon’s website, featuring pictures of their houses and farms.
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  • Iran’s scientific community’s high-impact papers have boomed in terms of number and quality.
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