Iran Currency News

Iran Currency News

Follow the latest news stories about Iran currency market, future, forex rates, and Iranian gold coin prices.

  • Gold Coin Certificates in  the Offing
    The Central Bank of Iran is preparing the gold market to issue bond certificates for the pre-purchase of gold coins in the capital market, the secretary-general of the monetary regulator has...
  • Gov’t Forex Allocation  at $15 Billion in 50 Days
    The government has allocated $15 billion of foreign exchange to imports in the 50 days since the start of the current Iranian year on March 21. According to Government Spokesman Mohammad Baqer...
  • New Gold Coin Bull Run Begins
    A new bull run has started in Iran's gold coin market, on the back of the rally that intensified in the current week.  The benchmark Bahar Azadi coin crossed another psychological threshold in a...
  • Uptrend in Gold Coin, Forex Rates
    The Emami benchmark gold coin gained another 1% in Tehran on Monday and was traded at close to 25 million rials ($59), a new all-time high, according to Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union’s website. 
  • Forex Transfer Cap Announced
    In a directive on Saturday, the Central Bank of Iran authorized foreign currency transfers (through the hawala system operated via the Integrated Forex Deals System) of up to €5 million or its...
  • Gold Coin Rally Intensifies
    Gold coins kept rallying nationwide on Sunday, taking its lead from Tehran's market, in signs that investors are showing renewed interest in the safe haven asset.  The rally, which took off on the...
  • New Forex Regulations for Foreign-Based Students
    The Central Bank of Iran issued new regulations governing the allocation of foreign currency to Iranians studying overseas, two months after the government tightened its control over the currency...
  • Gold Coin Surge Continues
    Bahar Azadi gold coin continued its upward trend to gain 800,000 rials ($19) over the four-day period ending Thursday. The Central Bank of Iran announced that the US dollar’s exchange rate rose...
  • Iran has been actively looking for ways to drop the dollar in its international trasactions.
    Iran and Russia are currently conducting bilateral trade in their local currencies, rial and ruble respectively, as well as euro, a former official of Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce said. "Trade...
  • New Forex Regulations for Visa-Free Travelers
    The Central Bank of Iran issued a directive on Wednesday to outline the regulations and procedures governing the supply of foreign exchange to Iranians traveling visa-free overseas.  Before...
  • TCCIM Sends Forex Proposals to Gov’t
    Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture has sent a letter to President Hassan Rouhani, urging his administration to consider four private sector proposals for the recent forex...
  • Gold Prices Up
    Emami gold coin gained 200,000 rials ($4.7) to trade at 20,640,000 rials ($491) in Tehran’s market on Monday. 
  • Iran Tour Operators Receive Forex Facility
    As per a new rule to address travel agents’ challenges regarding access to foreign currency, Iranian outbound tour operators will be able to receive payment orders after approval of their packages...
  • $12 Billion Earmarked for Imports
    The government earmarked a total of $12.28 billion to all import of goods and services at the unified rate of 42,000 rials during the first 45 days since it unified the US dollar's dual exchange...
  • President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a meeting with the country’s businesspeople on May 27.
    President Hassan Rouhani has called on the private sector to play a serious role in the economy, stressing that his government will ensure the business community benefits from the resources of the...
  • No Forex Subsidy  for Drug Imports
    The Central Bank of Iran has removed pharmaceuticals from the list of essential items that receive subsidized foreign currency for imports, the head of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Importers...
  • The rial has lost more than 30% of its value during the three months to April against the dollar.
    Majlis Research Center, the parliamentary think tank, has released its first comprehensive report on the current foreign exchange market situation and the reasons it was gripped by wild gyrations...
  • Further Hike in Unified USD Rate
    The Central Bank of Iran has increased the US dollar's exchange rate for the fourth time since it unified the rate on April 9.  The move is a further sign that CBI is delivering on its promise of...
  • Majlis Forex Options Still on Agenda
    Chairman of Majlis Economic Commission said on Tuesday a parliamentary measure to manage the foreign exchange market is still on the agenda, but lawmakers are giving the government more time to see...
  • New Rules Allow  Direct Forex Sale
    Businesspeople that have validated their purchase orders are allowed to directly purchase their required foreign currencies from certified exchange shops through Nima, the Central Bank of Iran's...
  • 1st USD Rate Hike After Unification
    For the first time after the government decided to unify the US dollar's exchange rate more than a month ago, the Central Bank of Iran has allowed for a minor increase in its rate.  The CBI set...
  • 5-6% Flexibility in USD Rate Until March
    Governor of the Central Bank of Iran said the exchange rates of the US dollar, which were unified at 42,000 rials last month, will not remain fixed and change 5-6% until the end of the current...
  • Calls for Changing Forex Policy
    As Iran is dealing with the ramifications of the government's policy announced on April 9 to unify the country's dual foreign exchange rates, the private sector has called on President Hassan...
  • The central bank of Iran has launched Nima to track all forex transactions.
    Purchase orders by merchants from the start of the current Iranian year (March 21) until May 16 has doubled compared with the corresponding period of last year, the vice president for...
  • 180 People Arrested Over Forex-Related Offences
    Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said the judiciary has arrested 180 people on charges of...