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  • US Sanctions Listing Could Harm Humanitarian Trade With Iran

    US sanctions intended to squeeze an Iranian voluntary force may have consequences for humanitarian efforts in the country because of its targeting of a bank, lawyers and analysts say. 
    They also could signal a hardline approach toward Iran as the US prepares to restore the final tranche of its sanctions lifted following the 2015 nuclear accord that target key economic engines, such as oil and petrochemicals.
    US President Donald Trump said in May when exiting the nuclear deal that the sanctions would phase back in over a 180-day period. 

  • Central Bank of Iran Governor Expects Additional Forex Allocation for Imports

    The central bank governor said volume of foreign currency trade in the secondary market amounted to €7.3 billion in the past two months. Abdolnaser Hemmati predicted that this amount would accelerate because the government has bestowed more power on the Central Bank of Iran to offer forex from petrochemical exports and other non-oil exporters in the secondary market, the regulator reported on its website on Saturday.
    Secondary market deals are made through the Forex Deals Integrated System, an online system locally known by its acronym Nima.

  • Iran: Port Services Offered at Cheaper Exchange Rates

    All Iranian exporters and importers can now employ cheaper foreign currency rates used in the government's system for registering trade when using maritime and port services.
    "By reviewing the rates of port services, which had begun in the organization about three weeks ago to manage the impacts of currency fluctuations on maritime and port services, a new tariff was finally agreed upon last week," Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh, the deputy head of Ports and Maritime Organization, was quoted as saying by the official website of the organization on Wednesday.

  • Iran's Payam International Airport Ready for Exports

    Payam International Airport, located in the city of Karaj 40 km west of Tehran, has prepared all the facilities needed for exporting goods. Airport officials say exporters can now use the airport to export food products to Central Asian countries, Russia and Persian Gulf states using Iran Air’s Boeing 747 Cargo jet. According to Ali Kameli, Payam Airport’s deputy for airport operations, Iran Air Cargo is currently operating two weekly flights...

  • Iran Oil Co. Chief Calls for Buying Stake in Foreign Refineries

    Talks are underway to buy shares in refineries of other countries to help the country secure its international oil market share, National Iranian Oil Company's managing director said.
    "Buying stakes in foreign refineries, especially in India and China, will not only help guarantee long-term demand for Iranian oil to produce value-added products namely gasoline, but will also underpin our bargaining power for long-term oil export contracts," Ali Kardor was quoted as saying. 

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