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  • 5 Places to Visit in Iran During Nowruz 2018

    Here are five hotspots in Iran, including famous and some less explored destinations, to visit during Norouz 2018 for those who prefer to pay tribute to Iran's attractions

  • The economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been tied to political and foreign affairs developments over the years.

    This is the Financial Tribune’s last edition of the current Iranian year (ending March 20). As Iran’s sole economic daily in English, it considers it apt to review the key economic developments of the outgoing year.
    The economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been tied to political and foreign affairs developments over the years. Longstanding international sanctions against the country sapped economic growth by effectively cutting trade ties with the world economy. However, a milestone in recent years was marked by the government of President Hassan Rouhani’s July 2015 signing of a deal with world powers to remove those sanctions in exchange for Tehran to limit the scope of its nuclear program.
    The so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was implemented as of mid-January 2016, meaning no more economic sanctions against Iran, at least on paper.

  • Presidential candidate, President Vladimir Putin, walks out of a voting booth at a polling station during Russia’s presidential election in Moscow on March 18. (Photo: AFP)

    Russians voted in a presidential election on Sunday that was expected to give...

  • President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday spoke to reporters after the last Cabinet meeting of the current year.

    President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday outlined his administration’s vision of promoting economic prosperity in the next Iranian year (starting March 21), as well as goals set for the country in the face of economic and social challenges. 
    Rouhani, who was briefing reporters after the last Cabinet meeting of the current year, said the coming year “would be a year of investment, growth, economic development and social justice”. 
    “For all these goals, we have plans and I will keep the public posted,” hewas quoted as saying by the Presidential Office’s website. 
    The president noted that good measures have been implemented in the past four years for the realization of social justice, including the fact that employees’ salaries have always stayed above inflation. 
    “However, more serious efforts are required to achieve the desirable point emphasized by the Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei,” he said. 

  • Iran has signed a contract with China Railway Group Limited in 2015 to build a 415-km (260-mile) high-speed north-south rail line between Tehran and Isfahan via Qom.

    The Economy Ministry sold 2 trillion rials ($41.6 million) of Islamic bonds on Iran Fara Bourse on Sunday to finance the establishment of a railroad connecting three major cities.
    The bonds’ underwriting announcement published on the website of the over-the-counter exchange states that the cash raised will go toward prepayment for the construction of Tehran-Qom-Isfahan high-speed railroad.
    The 42-month Musharakah sukuk, traded at 1 million rials (about $20) each, are tax-free and bear 20% interest per year paid every six months. The Management and Planning Organization has guaranteed the bonds.
    Musharakah bonds represent part-ownership of a particular project.

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