• The petrochemical sector is Iran’s second-most valuable industry after oil and gas.

    Bid Boland Gas Refinery project in the city of Behbahan, Khuzestan Province, will play a significant role in the expansion of the downstream petrochemical sector, the head of National Petrochemical Company said on Tuesday.
    Underscoring the significance of the project, Reza Norouz-Zadeh added that the under-construction refinery is of high importance, as it will provide feedstock to an array of petrochemical units in the area, Shana reported.
    The refinery will supply the feedstock through a 1,200-kilometer pipeline—known as the West Ethylene Pipeline—that runs from Asalouyeh in the south all the way to West Azarbaijan Province in the northwest.
    According to the official, "the refinery, equipped with technical facilities to separate ethane from methane, will also help diversify petrochemical products, a lion's share of which is currently allocated to urea and ammoniac".
    The separation of two chemicals will help increase productivity and lower waste.


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