• A Look at  Qajar Era  Clothing

    On the occasion of International Museum Day (May 18) and the National Cultural Heritage Week (May 14-22), Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran opened an exhibition of clothes worn during Qajar rule (1786-1925).
    The apparel, belonging to the museum, are considered unique for their designs and textiles; also the clothes have remained relatively intact after about a century, Tandismag.com wrote on its Persian website.
    Clothing during the Qajar era can be divided into two periods, before and after the rule of King Nasser al-Din Shah and his trips to Europe.
    Nasser al-Din Shah, the longest reigning Qajar monarch (1848–1896), traveled to Europe thrice, the first time in 1873.

Art And Culture

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  • Yazdani to Present 2 Concerts
    Pop and rock singer, composer, guitarist and actor Reza Yazdani is to perform two concerts at Milad Tower on May 8. Yazdani’s performance is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Convention...
  • No Nobel Literature Prize in 2018
    The Swedish Academy said the Nobel Prize in literature will not be awarded this year following sex-abuse...
  • Ronak Folk Band at Soureh Hall
    Ronak Folk Band, led by singer and daf player Kayvan Ali-Mohammadi, will perform at Soureh Hall of Hozeh-Honari (Art Forum), affiliated to the Islamic Propagation Organization. On May 11, the...
  • Antiwar Play at Mehregan Theater
    The play “For the Ones With Iron Helmets” is underway at Tehran’s Mehregan Theater from May 2-18.  Written, directed and performed by Pejman Abdi, the play, staged for the third time in Tehran, is...
  • Tony Cragg (2nd R) explains about one of his sculptures in San’ati Museum of Contemporary Art in Kerman.
    A collection of 135 art pieces by acclaimed British sculptor Tony Cragg opened in San’ati Museum of Contemporary Art in Kerman, Kerman Province, on Thursday. An exhibition of 35 sculptures...
  • Farhadi’s Film for France, Argentina, Spain, Russia
    Oscar-winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi’s psychological thriller “Everybody Knows” will go on French screens after it has its world premiere while opening the 71st Cannes Film Festival on May 8. On...
  • Tehran-Mars on May 10
    Lira Duo has scheduled a live concert at Roudaki Hall for May 10. Composer and pianist Arash Hazhirazad and violinist Yeganeh Hosseininia will perform Hazhirazad’s 2017 album “Tehran-Mars.” The...
  •  A screenshot of the digital copy of the National Museum’s Persian manuscript of Masalik Va Mamalik
    The National Museum of Iran has uploaded a digital edition of Masalik Va Mamalik (Traditions and Countries) written by Iranian geographer and traveler of the 10th century Abu Is’haq Istakhri on its...
  • Nasser Cheshmazar
    Acclaimed composer, musician and orchestra conductor Nasser Cheshmazar passed away on Friday in Tehran. He died of cardiac arrest at Bahonar Hospital in north Tehran at the age of 68, Honaronline...
  • Planning Own Death
    The 1997 drama “Taste of Cherry” directed by world-renowned Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) is set to have one screening at Iranian Artists Forum on May 7, Tiwall reported. It is a...
  • Secluded Motel, Psychic Manager
    The 1960 American psychological horror film “Psycho” directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock is scheduled for a single screening on May 5 at the cinematheque of Qolhak Cineplex.  Starring Antony...
  • National Orchestra at Vahdat Hall
    Iran’s National Orchestra conducted by veteran composer Fereydoun Shahbazian will perform at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall, featuring traditional Persian vocalist and composer Vahid Taj as the singer of the...
  • Iranian Animations Join Annecy Festival Lineup
    The 58th Annecy International Animation Festival, slated for June 11-16, has selected four Iranian animated films for different sections. Three short films are to participate in the main...
  • Power Struggle
    The cinematheque of Qolhak Cineplex will have a single screening of “Death of Stalin,” a 2017 political satire directed and co-written by Armando Iannucci, on May 4, the venue’s website wrote.  ...
  • The new rules aim to bring more transparency to improve the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing across the European Union.
    European Parliament has voted to adopt tighter regulations for the art market to combat money laundering.  
  • Satirical Narration on Death of Identity
    “Under Zero” written and directed by Alireza Seyyed is being staged at Divar-e-Chaharom (fourth wall) Theater House in Tehran. The play, which has a comedic and grotesque atmosphere, includes four...
  • Iranian Cinema Shines in Norway Tamil Film Festival
    Iranian movies have been the major winner of the Ninth Norway Tamil Film Festival that ran from April 26-29 in Oslo. A total of nine films from Iran participated in the event, where five features...
  • A photo by Ali Shokri
    Ali Shokri, a nature photographer from Tabriz, will exhibit a small sample of his works at Mojdeh Art Gallery in Tehran. From May 4-14, a total of 11 black-and-white photographs selected from a...
  • Glass Handicrafts  at Sa’dabad
    Sa’dabad Cultural Historical Complex in northern Tehran has opened an exhibition of glass handicrafts.  The expo was inaugurated on April 28 during a brief ceremony attended by Pouya Mahmoudian,...
  • Nature of Existence:  Aristotle, Avicenna
    “Existence From Two Viewpoints” is the title of one of the books recently released by Negah-e Moaser Publications.  Written by researcher Eskandar Salehi in Persian, the book provides an analysis...
  • ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Shatters Box Office Records
    Disney and Marvel continue to push the superhero envelope at the box office, with “Avengers: Infinity War”...
  • Tony Cragg stands beside his donated sculpture in the premises of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.
    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday unveiled in its public space a new statue donated by acclaimed British sculptor Tony Cragg. The gigantic 320 cm by 158 cm marble sculpture titled “Roots...
  • Writers Discuss Contemporary German Literature
    Book City Institute in Tehran has organized a session in German for discussing contemporary literature in German-speaking countries on Tuesday.  The meeting will be attended by three guests,...
  • From left: Screenshots from “Vespiary”, “Confiscation”, “The Elephant King” and “Lottery”
    The six feature films and one animated movie, which have been screened since a week before the beginning of the Iranian New Year (started March 21), have grossed $12 million at the box office after...
  • Haunted House
    Tehran-based Peydayesh publications has recently released a Persian translation of the young adults’ novel “The Glass Children” by Swedish political scientist and writer Kristina Ohlsson....