• A Look at  Qajar Era  Clothing

    On the occasion of International Museum Day (May 18) and the National Cultural Heritage Week (May 14-22), Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran opened an exhibition of clothes worn during Qajar rule (1786-1925).
    The apparel, belonging to the museum, are considered unique for their designs and textiles; also the clothes have remained relatively intact after about a century, Tandismag.com wrote on its Persian website.
    Clothing during the Qajar era can be divided into two periods, before and after the rule of King Nasser al-Din Shah and his trips to Europe.
    Nasser al-Din Shah, the longest reigning Qajar monarch (1848–1896), traveled to Europe thrice, the first time in 1873.

Art And Culture

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  • Student Negotiators Awarded
    The 1st National Student Debate Competition, organized by the University of Tehran and the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, was held May 8-9. University of Tehran hosted the...
  • Streetcar Named Desire
    The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” written by American playwright Tennessee Williams is underway at Mashayekhi Theater House in central Tehran.  Directed by Mehdi Asgharian, the play follows a...
  • Psychological Pain
    Mehregan Theater House brought on stage Saturday the play “Gruesome Playground Injuries” by American playwright Rajiv Joseph.  Two childhood friends, a man and a woman, go through the 30 years...
  • Masanori Takahashi aka Kitaro
    Concerts scheduled in Tehran for acclaimed Japanese musician and composer Masanori Takahashi, better known by his nickname Kitaro, have been cancelled.  Kitaro, 65, was initially supposed to...
  • TIBF’s Book Sales Hits Record
    Book sales at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair reached a record breaking 950 billion rials ($22.6 million) in nine days.  The proceeds from book sales during the period at this year’s TIBF...
  • Auction of Illustrious Artworks
    A collection of fascinating artworks by prominent artists is on sale at the newly founded Arthibition Art Gallery in Tehran, May 11-21. In collaboration with other galleries and art collectors,...
  • Secrets Exposed
    Arqanoon Mansion is hosting an adaptation of the play “Le Circuit Ordinaire” written by French novelist, screenwriter and actor Jean-Claude Carriere.  It is about two men who meet in an office....
  • Display of Baysonghor Shahnameh  in Tous on National Ferdowsi Day
    Cultural Heritage Office of Tous in Khorasan Razavi Province has organized a special program on the occasion of National Ferdowsi Day (May 15), a day that commemorates the celebrated Persian poet...
  • Ahvaz, Khorramabad, Yazd Will Host Hossein Alizadeh
    Acclaimed composer and tar and setar virtuoso Hossein Alizadeh will perform in three provincial centers. Alizadeh’s concerts are part of an ongoing tour across Iran, titled ‘Didar’ (visit). He...
  • Bahman Kiarotasmi Holds Photo Exhibit
    Dastan Art Gallery in Tehran opened on Friday an exhibition of photographs taken by Bahman Kioarostami, son of the late auteur and photographer Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016).  Titled “Golshahr” (...
  • Best of World Press Photos  on Display
    A selection of 141 photos from the 2016 to 2018 World Press Photo went on show at Niavaran Cultural Center on May 10 and is open until June 1. Launched by the Netherlands Embassy, Iranian...
  • Santur Masters Coming to Roudaki
    A concert for santur enthusiasts is slated for May 15 at Roudaki Hall. It will feature a trio of notable santur players who are to perform pieces of traditional Iranian music. Composer and santur...
  • Golden Pinwheel Illustrations at Laleh Gallery
    Selected works from three editions of the Chinese illustration competition of Golden Pinwheel are on view at Laleh Art Gallery in Tehran. On display are international works that participated in...
  • Godard Adapts His Latest Film Into Interactive Exhibit
    Veteran French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard has planned a roadshow based on his last film “The Image Book” that will travel to Paris, Madrid, New York and Singapore, Variety reported. The...
  • Meeting on Khuzestan  Ancient Rock Art
    Written Heritage Research Center in Tehran will hold a meeting on “Pictorial Account of Tablets and Bas Reliefs in Khuzestan.” Ancient rock art, inscriptions, tablets, stone sculptures,...
  • Asghar Farhadi (R) and Javier Bardem at the press conference on May 9.
    That is the way Cannes is supposed to go: Debut your film on opening night at Cannes, sell it to Focus...
  • Folklore Choreography,  Songs at Niavaran Center
    Iranian art group Mantreh is to perform folklore choreography alongside traditional songs by Arezoonak ensemble for a women-only audience at Niavaran Cultural Center in north Tehran on May 13-14....
  • Ancient City of Rey
    Shahr-e Rey district in south Tehran is the destination where Zhiwaar Tour is planning a trip on Thursday.  
  • High Altitude
    In the Albroz Mountains, oftentimes over and above fog and cloud, is a village named Filband where a one-day tour is planned by Spilet Alborz travel agency. The village is located at an altitude...
  • A page from the illuminated Qu’ran manuscript on display at the pavilion
    Ancient manuscripts and documents are on display at the pavilion of the National Library and Archives at Tehran International Book Fair underway at the Imam Khomeini Mosalla. Among the documents...
  • Dragonsitter in Persian
    The Persian translation of “The Dragonsitter”, a series of fun books for children written by the well...  
  • Silverwork Display at Naqsh-e Jahan
    An exhibition of fine silverworks is underway at the landmark Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan. Titled ‘Metal Whisper,’ (in Persian Najva-ye Felez), the exhibition opened May 6 for 10 days at...
  • Italian Translation of Simin Daneshvar’s Suvashun Released
     An Italian translation of Suvashun (Savushun), a 1969 Persian novel by Simin Daneshvar (1921-2012), was presented on Tuesday at the Tehran International Book Fair, underway at Imam Khomeini...
  • 3 Days in Kurdistan
    Kalout Travel has planned a three-and-half-day tour of Kurdistan Province. Slated for May 15-18, the tour will cover numerous attractions of the western province including Lake Zarivar in the city...
  • Traditional Songs for Women
    Rastan ensemble will perform traditional songs for a female audience at the Niavaran Cultural Center in north Tehran on May 10. The ensemble is led by Azadeh Amiri who also plays tar. Farkhondeh...