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Miniature in Textile and Fashion Designing

Miniature in Textile and Fashion DesigningMiniature in Textile and Fashion Designing

Works by Iranian painter, miniaturist, page illumination artist, textile and fashion designer Ensieh Najarian will go on display at 7 Art Gallery in Istanbul.

The solo exhibit will open September 13 for one week, ILNA reported.

Her art, among other things, seeks to bridge the gulf between fashion and Iranian traditional art. Najarian  has introduced a modern miniature art into apparel  designing. The miniatures are mostly non-figurative and can be categorized as a special type of page illumination.

The bright and pure coloring in Persian miniature is one of its most striking features. Normally all the pigments used are mineral-based ones that keep their bright colors very well if kept in proper conditions. The main exception is silver, mostly used to depict water.


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