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Control Your Instincts

Control Your Instincts
Control Your Instincts

The self help book “Live Better With One’s Impulsivity” by French psychiatrists Charles-Édouard Rengade and Frédéric Fanget has been translated in Persian.

The book is about self-control and understanding how to confront one’s impulsive behavior. It has been translated from French into Persian by Mahia Ahmadipour and published by Sham’douni Publication, Book City Institute reported on its website.

The book argues about being impulsive. It is a specific trait in decision making. It can become excessive and embarrassing for oneself or those around. However, like any behavior, it is possible to learn to control these impulsive reactions.

The writers aim to help readers know how often the impulsiveness is problematic, and how to control it through emotional management.

Frédéric Fanget has written eight books on promoting self-confidence and appreciation of human relationship. Charles-Édouard Rengade is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.  


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