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Is Reolin Good for Anemia Treatment in Women?

Is Reolin Good for Anima Treatment in Women?
Is Reolin Good for Anima Treatment in Women?

The major aim of Reolin is to treat anemia in both men and women, as well as, to increase iron and hemoglobin levels in their bodies. Iron is one of the minerals in the human body and if  you do not have enough of this element, your body can not make hemoglobin and as a result, you may develop anemia.

One way to treat anemia is to take oral iron supplements, including tablets, capsules, drops, and pills. Reolin is one of these supplements that have very good effects on the treatment of anemia. Many people, especially women, may have anemia at some point, so it is important to know how to diagnose and manage it.

In the following, we will examine this problem in females and the effectiveness of the Reolin supplement in this regard. Stay with us!

Anemia Treatment in Women

Before discussing the effect of the Reol supplement in the treatment of anemia in women, we will explain a little about iron deficiency and the condition that women experience in this condition.

Generally, the most common worldwide type of anemia is iron-deficiency anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency. Especially women who suffer from this type of anemia for various reasons. First, women  aged between 12 to 49  lose blood about once a month during their menstrual cycle. Iron is required to make new blood that compensates for the blood lost during each menstrual period.

The risk of anemia is higher in women who have long periods of menstruation or experience very severe menstrual bleeding. Some women also get their iron from uterine fibroids (non-cancerous growths in the uterus) that bleed slowly or bleed due to the use of special intrauterine devices such as IUDs to control pregnancy.

Second, women need extra iron during pregnancy for their babies to grow properly. In fact, pregnant women need 50 percent more iron than usual (27 milligrams a day instead of the usual 18 milligrams a day). Women also lose blood during childbirth. Women who are pregnant or  planning to become pregnant should  their iron levels checke and tell their doctor if they have any signs of anemia.

Pregnancy vitamins contain iron and can help prevent iron deficiency and pregnancy-related anemia. Apart from pregnancy, Reol is one of the best supplements for treating anemia in women, which can surprisingly compensate for the lack of this vital element in them.

 Symptoms of Anemia in Women

Several symptoms can occur in all types of anemia, especially in women, such as:

  •  Feeling tired, especially during menstruation
  • getting fainted
  •  Difficulty in breathing
  • Fast heart rate
  • Headache
  •  Feeling cold more than usual (including feeling cold in hands or feet)
  • Infections (caused by immune system problems)

Treatment of Anemia in Women with Reolin

Through the diagnosis and treatment, the effects of anemia can be greatly reduced. Anemia is usually diagnosed by measuring hemoglobin and hematocrit or HCT. HCT is the percentage of red blood cells in the blood. Hemoglobin and hematocrit are measured as part of a routine blood test called a complete blood counting (CBC). CBC should be performed as part of regular health examinations in women.

Today, there are very effective medicines, such as Reolin that help the body to make more red blood cells and thus be very effective in treating women with anemia. By taking this wonderful supplement, you will feel better day by day.

Of course, you should feel better after taking the Reolin supplement, however, the level of satisfaction depends on your particular situation. Typically, this process may take a week to a month (after starting an iron supplement). Normally, after taking hemoglobin and iron levels back to normal, the Reolin supplement should be continued for another six months.

Why Reolin is the best medicine for anemia treatment in women?

Reolin is a registered formula in which three main factors are involved in its bioavailability and iron tolerance.

1. Small Drug surface area

2.  98%Iron content

3. Very small particle size

This supplement is an innovative patent from Alltone -One of the most famous companies in British- containing Reolin or elemental iron (Fe 0), which is produced under patented and innovative technology with chemical analysis of iron salts. The resulting iron particles have been shrunk to an optimum size (8.5 μm) and compressed into uniform, high-purity spheres for having the most bioavailability effect.

The most important properties of Reolin that have very high effectiveness and much fewer side effects than other iron supplements in the anima treatment in women can be mentioned as follows:

1. Iron content is much higher (98%)

2. Small and optimal molecular size of iron, which has the highest absorption rate

3. High bioavailability

4. Reolin is not blocked by hepcidin. Therefor, ferritin can reach to optimum level

The optimal size of 8.5 micrometers of this supplement reduces the potential to increase the levels of unused iron ions in the body, and in addition, the optimal distribution of iron ions provides the maximum amount of absorption in the body of women with anemia.

Other benefits of using Reolin for anima treatment in women include:

  • No metallic taste
  • No gastrointestinal complications
  • High tolerability and fewer side effects than other iron supplements

Reolin is not blocked by hepcidin, so it can maximize iron absorption, and due to its high iron content, small particle size, and high bioavailability, taking 1 tablet of this supplement can be several times more effective than other iron supplements in anima treatment in women.

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