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SNOWA's Multimillion-Dollar Investment in Research and Development is Forward-Looking

SNOWA's Multimillion-Dollar Investment in Research and Development is Forward-Looking
SNOWA's Multimillion-Dollar Investment in Research and Development is Forward-Looking

While Iranian companies experience growth and development among countless challenges; Development strategies will play an important role in the quality of presence in the future. In the meantime, forward-looking investment in research and development is a key parameter. SNOWA, as the most powerful Iranian home appliance brand, has shown that it can be among the major players in the industry.
It should be noted that SNOWA has experienced growth in the context of international competition. Since its competitors are world leaders; being second is not a good place to compete in such a market. From the beginning, the company focused on research and development and established some of its research offices in Asia and Europe as a network. As a result, developed an accurate view of world-class trends and technologies.
SNOWA entered the knowledge production phase in a specific and continuous way, step by step from production under license, reverse engineering, and finally with the development of infrastructure and the growth and development of specialized forces. And by investing in technology centers and innovation factories called "Snowa Tec" has tried to strengthen a different scientific network and upgrade its level of knowledge and technology at a higher speed.
The company has also invested heavily in smart platforms in recent years. Designing performance algorithms so that there is enough intelligence to operate the product at the frontiers of communication with the user, led the company to have its own platform called Snowa Boom.
Also, last year, it implemented a production technology called Smart Factory in all its lines to follow the smartening of the factory along with its products.

It should be said that Iranian home appliances do not have the same technology, power and engineering depth used in SNOWA, and in competition with foreign competitors, it offers more customized facilities for the needs of Iranian consumers. From this perspective, we can refer to product design technologies based on optimization of performance parameters, design of custom parts, cost reduction and higher reliability in parts.
SNOWA also has its own platforms in products. SNOWA platforms are currently being developed for refrigeration products such as side-by-side and washing machines.
SNOWA has spent more than tens of millions of dollars on research and development, and has established specialized laboratories for energy consumption, performance, reliability, sound, chemistry, engine, IoT, and consumer behavior, that some of which are standard references in Iran.
Thus, such a path has allowed SNOWA to have a great depth in the knowledge it needs and to place its products at an internationally competitive level. Today, it can be said with certainty for SNOWA products: "proudly made in Iran"

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