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SnowaTec: Snowa to Launch Innovation Factory in Isfahan

SnowaTec: Snowa to Launch New Innovation Factory in Isfahan
SnowaTec: Snowa to Launch New Innovation Factory in Isfahan

Snowa Company, an Iranian producer of home appliances, is planning to establish a technology center inside the University of Isfahan in collaboration with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

The plant, branded as SnowaTech, is aimed to expand the companies' scientific connections and boost its innovative potentials.

The center will host Snowa's research and development laboratories, the company's design studio, and an innovation factory.

By investing in an innovation factory, Snowa is planning to embrace innovation and innovative ideas; this would help the company come up with more efficient solutions for challenges of technology and the society surrounding it. 

It would also help the company keep up with the latest developments in the realm of technology.

The plant will be Snowa's first outdoor innovation center, which is to be located in the Faculty of Geography, in an area of 2,800 square meters.

Alireza Hatami, head of Snowa's public relations department, says, "The center would provide us with invaluable investment opportunities in collaboration with researchers and the elite. It will also help us shift our current investments towards a new direction, which also signifies our commitment to being a pioneer. By creating this connection, we are going to manifest how a simple transformation in mindsets can turn into our competitive advantage."

"This will be a perfect base for supporting a network of innovation, which allows us to expand our expertise and exhibit our capabilities in wider local and international scopes," he added.

Vice President Sorena Sattari is to inaugerate the center next month.

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