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  • Neglect of Advance Warning Caused Flooding, Devastation
    Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute, affiliated to the Agriculture Ministry, had warned Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization about the disastrous...
  • Road Accidents Killing Young People
    Traffic accidents are responsible for almost 30% of deaths among young people, the Ministry of Health announced.  
  • New Tehran Traffic Scheme Coming
    Tehran Municipality is to roll out a new traffic scheme dubbed Air Pollution Control (APC) in two months. The plan will replace the odd-even rule which was introduced in 2005 and has seemingly...
  • Hamedan Metro Project Awaits Funding
    Preliminary studies for the metro project in Hamedan Province will start as soon as funds are made available, a Hamedan lawmaker said. According to Amir Khojasteh, feasibility studies will start...
  • Road Death Toll Rises in Iran
    Data released by the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization reveals an alarming picture of road mortality rates. Close to 16,000 people lost their lives in road mishaps in 11 months to February 19. ...
  • Bigger Penalties for Mobile Phone Driving in Iran
    In a renewed effort to curb the increasing number of road mishaps caused by the distraction of drivers speaking on cellphones, Traffic Police has announced tougher regulations to tame unruly...
  • Tehran Bus Tours Become a Permanent Fixture
    Following talks between Tehran Municipality and Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, special sightseeing bus tours will be held on Fridays throughout the year.   
  • Massive Flood Relief Operations Underway
    Relief operations in Iran's flood-affected areas is gaining momentum as the Red Crescent Society mobilizes to dispatch much-needed aid to the flood areas in the north and southern regions,...
  • Tehran Metro Line 6 Launched
    Tehran Metro Line 6 opened partially on Sunday in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani and Mayor Pirouz Hanachi.
  • Tehran Adds 1 More Metro Line
    Tehran Metro Line 6 is to be partially launched on Sunday. Ali Emam, CEO of Tehran Metro Group told reporters,  “Nine kilometers of Line 6 with 3 stations will be launched on Sunday in the...
  • Iran Floods Leave 62 Dead
    Devastating floods swept several provinces across Iran during the past two weeks, claiming the lives of 62 people, according to an official at Iran Legal Medicine Organization.
  • Deaths Rise to 23 in Iran Floods
    The death toll as a result of heavy flooding in Iran has risen to 23, the head of Emergency Medical Service told IRIB, adding that 240 people were also injured in the past two days.
  • How to Ride Shiraz with Metro
    Visiting Shiraz, the gateway to the world famous Persepolis, and capital of Fars Province in southwest Iran, which is home to unique historical heritage, travelers can take the subway for easy...
  • Subway Connectivity Impressive
    As the country moves towards decent and eco-friendly public transportation, subway connectivity in five metropolises will almost double by 2023, a former Isfahan mayor says. Mehdi Jamalinejad, who...
  • Metro Easy to Use Getting Around Mashhad
    The shrine city of Mashhad in northeastern Khorasan Razavi Province is Iran’s main attraction for religious tourism drawing close to 25 million people from in and outside the country every year. ...
  • Road Safety First
    Hoping to help promote road safety and spread public awareness during the annual Norouz holiday season (March 20-April 2), the Iranian Red Crescent Society has launched an online campaign that has...
  • Karaj Municipality Improves Public Transportation System
    To improve the rickety public transportation system in Karaj, the capital of Alborz Province, Karaj Municipality has bought 200 new buses from Oghab Afshan Industrial and Manufacturing Company, 30...
  • Tehran Metro Line 7 Reopens
    Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi reopened Metro Line 7 partially on Saturday. It stops at three stations. 
  • Need to Improve Life for the Disabled
    Less than 30% of urban and public spaces in Iran are retrofitted for the disabled, head of rehabilitation office of the State Welfare Organization of Iran said.  Kazem Nazmdeh told ISNA lack of...
  • Candidates for ‘Kids Online’ Festival Shortlisted
    Shortlisted candidates for the last round of the festival "Kudak Online" (kids online in Persian) were introduced at a ceremony on March 9 in Tehran.  
  • Tehran Municipality Starts Bike-n-Bus Program
    As per a pilot program run by Tehran Municipality, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network has partly been equipped with bike racks for the convenience of cyclists, head of Tehran Bus Company said....
  • Road Mishap Fatalities Rise
    Reports published by the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization reveal an alarming picture of road mortality rates. Close to 14,000 people lost their lives in road mishaps in 10 months to January 20...
  • Extra Working Hours for Subway, Bus Service
    With two weeks before Norouz (Persian New Year) holidays and to help facilitate public transportation, working hours of Tehran Metro line 5 has been extended by one hour.  
  • Tehran Municipality Promoting Walking and Bicycling
    In line with its program for promoting eco-friendly transport, Tehran Municipality will invest 170 billion rials ($1.3 million) to develop biking facilities, a Tehran City councilor said.  
  • Iran Traffic Police to Get Tough During Norouz Travel Season
    Traffic Police will impound dilapidated cars during the Norouz holiday season (March 21-April 2).