Bigger Penalties for Mobile Phone Driving in Iran

Bigger Penalties for Mobile Phone Driving in IranBigger Penalties for Mobile Phone Driving in Iran

In a renewed effort to curb the increasing number of road mishaps caused by the distraction of drivers speaking on cellphones, Traffic Police has announced tougher regulations to tame unruly motorists. 
According to a deputy at the Traffic Police Department, Majid Rezaei, the careless vehicles are now under strict monitoring of surveillance cameras and the police. 
"Drivers found using a hand-held mobile phone or similar device behind the wheel are fined one million rials ($7.3). If the driving speed is over 60km/h, they also get three demerit points," he told YJC. Previously the violators were fined 500,000 rials ($3.6).
In Iran driving offenses of each type have a special code and are given demerit points on a scale from 1 to 20. Drivers get the minus points when caught breaching traffic laws. There are larger demerit points for serious offenses, mainly those endangering the lives of others. 
Based on the regulations, when the demerit points reach 30, the drivers' license is suspended and seized by the police for three months. Drivers must pay a certain amount, get all their auto papers in order, pay all previous fines and taxes before they can get back their license.
If there are more than three suspensions, the drivers' license is revoked. When that happens, the person must apply for a new license including driving tests and sit for a written exam.
Speaking on mobile phones, in addition to eating and drinking while driving have been repeatedly mentioned by the police as the most distractive behaviors resulting in fatal road crashes and loss of life. 

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