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Kazzazi Will Pay Tribute to Persian Poet Sanai

Kazzazi Will Pay Tribute to Persian Poet SanaiKazzazi Will Pay Tribute to Persian Poet Sanai

Master of Persian literature and renowned Iranologist, writer and translator Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi will deliver a lecture about celebrated Persian poet Sanai Ghaznavi (1080-1131). Cultural Center of Book City Institute in Tehran will host a meeting Wednesday where Kazzazi, 68, is to speak about Sanai’s illustrious contributions to Persian poetry, IBNA reported. Kazzazi is due to focus on the extent of Sanai’s huge  influence on Persian literature and other great Sufi teachers such as Attar of Nishabur (1145-1221) and 13th century Persian poet, scholar and mystic Jalal al-Din Rumi.  Sanai is considered the first poet to use “qasidah” (ode), “ghazal” (lyric) and “masnavi” (rhymed couplet) to express the philosophical, mystical and ethical ideas of Sufism. Sanai’s master work Hadiqat al Haqiqa (The Walled Garden of Truth) is the first Persian mystical epic on Sufism, expressing his ideas on God, love, philosophy and reason.  The book has been read regularly as a Sufi textbook. Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi (1141-1209) wrote Makhzan al-Asrar, using The Walled Garden of Truth as a model. Kazzazi will also review some of Sanai’s teachings. Sanai subscribed to the school that says lust, greed and emotional excitement stand between humankind and divine knowledge which is the only true reality (Haq). The meeting is open to the public. Cultural Center of Book City is located on the corner of Alley 3, Ahmad Qasir Street, north of Beheshti Avenue.


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