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Psychoanalysis of Humans

Psychoanalysis of HumansPsychoanalysis of Humans

Novella “Dying” written by the Austrian playwright and author Arthur Schnitzler has been translated into Persian by veteran translator Ali Asghar Hadad.

The 19th century book has been translated from the German text and is published by Nashr-e Mahi, the publication website wrote.

First published in 1895, the book was considered a breakthrough moment in Schnitzler’s career as a writer by making use of new techniques of psychoanalysis in describing the characters in his story.

The story begins when its main character Felix who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and his lover Marie immediately swears to die with him. However, as their last year unfolds and Felix’s illness worsens, Marie begins to lose courage at a time when Felix depends on her more than ever before.

According to Penguin Random House, the book is an engrossing and shocking psychological study set in turn-of-the-century Vienna.

Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931) held a doctorate of medicine but ultimately abandoned medicine in favor of writing. He was a close friend with the renowned founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

He has written 17 plays, three novels, 12 novellas and two non-fiction books.


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