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  • Kurdistan's Miraculous Cave
    Karaftu is a natural limestones cave in northwest of Divandarreh County, Kurdistan Province.
  • Training Camp in Manjil
    A disaster relief training camp was inaugurated in Manjil, Gilan Province, IRNA reported.
  • Top Spots for  Medical Tourism
    Want it modified, enhanced, drilled out, implanted or just plain alleviated? As this excerpt from Lonely Planet’s ...
  • Things That May  Surprise Westerners
    Many Westerners fail to appreciate ways in which Iran is an advanced and even liberal state...
  • Rivers Will Be Cleaned
    The Department of Environment will take stringent measures to protect, clean and replenish the rivers...
  • WHO Concern Over Ebola Outbreak in Congo
    The World Health Organization expressed concern about Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Democratic...
  • Desert's Cruel Face
    Four tourists lost their way in Maranjab Desert, Isfahan Province on September 3. Two of them were saved by ...
  • Int'l tourism: 2013 Exceeds Expectations
    After achieving an historic milestone in 2012 – of one billion people traveling the world in a single ...
  • Popular Beaches of Iran
    Iran enjoys many different beaches with different moods and a wide range of holiday experiences.
  • Virtual Database for Shrines
    Endowment and Charity Organization has created a website to introduce descendants of Imams and their shrines.
  • Siraf for World Heritage List
    Iran is planning to recommend the historical port of Siraf, Bushehr Province to UNESCO for registration on ...
  • "Pazyryk Carpet"
    The Carpet Museum of Iran - located in Tehran, besides Laleh Park, founded in 1976, exhibits a variety of the greatest ...
  •  ICHTO Agenda for Iraqi Tourists, Pilgrims
    Over 20 government offices and organizations in charge of travel and tourism agreed to organize Iraqi visitors' travel to Iran ...
  •  A tough climb: From mountaineer to tour operator
    Hassan Sadpara is a mountaineering hero but has found it difficult to turn his climbing success into a successful business.
  • Khuzestan Dates
    Khuzestan boasts of chemical-free dates. Gardeners of the province do not use chemical substances and fertilizers, provincial deputy of organic production Mohammad Qaseminejad told ISNA.
  • 2059 Tons Honey
    Kermanshah Province produced 2059 tons of honey last year, Bahramkhani, provincial deputy of crop husbandry, Agricultural Jihad told ISNA. 
  • Wind Towers of Yazd
    The scorching sun of the desert has compelled desert dwellers to build lofty walls, narrow streets, highly elevated wind towers...
  •  Khwaf-Herat Railway
    The rail line connecting Khwaf in Khorasan Razavi Province, to Herat in Afghanistan has made 97% progress after 6 years, Cultural Heritage News reported, quoting deputy of Railway Development Masood...
  •  Tabriz & Konya Sister Cities
    Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province and Konya in Turkey will be declared sister cities at the Tabriz commemoration week ceremony, Press TV reported.  
  • 'Suicide Tourism' Spreads
    More than 600 non-Swiss residents died of assisted suicide in Switzerland between 2008 and 2012. In 2012 alone, the majority came from Germany (77), followed by the UK (29), Italy (22), France (19)...
  •  UNESCO Delegation to Visit Susa
    "By the grace of Ahura Mazda, I constructed the magnificent palace of Susa", thus spake Darius the Great in 521 BC following the construction of the Apadana Palace, his administrative capital at Susa...
  • Mixed Trends in Middle East
    The Middle East continued to show some mixed trends in tourism in 2013 due to the ongoing tension in some destinations.   
  • A Hub of Tourism and Pilgrimage
    Religious tourism is a type of tourism, where people who travel are motivated either exclusively or in part by religious reasons. According to the World Tourism Organization, an estimated 330...
  • Tourism Adds $2000b to Global Economy in 2013
    Statistics show the direct and total economic impact of travel & tourism on the global economy from...
  • Last Weavers in Caverns
    Aba is a loose sleeveless cloak open in front, worn as an outer garment.