Iran-Ireland to Boost Tourism Ties
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Iran-Ireland to Boost Tourism Ties

Several days after the Iran-Ireland Friendship Group’s trip to Dublin, Shan Bart, head of the Ireland parliament came to Iran, on September 29, to meet his Irish counterpart Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, the president, and the Foreign minister. He went to Isfahan on the third day to visit the city.

Shan Bart’s trip to Iran, aside from its political objectives, can impact the tourism relations of the two countries.
Iran has announced it wants to take advantage of the other countries experiences in boosting tourism industry.
Bart disclosed some of the actions his country has taken, to CHN on Monday. Most pressing of the solutions discussed were privatization of the tourism industry, tax exemptions as well as other subsidies. He hoped by observing these measures Iran can attract Irish investors to the country.
The parliamentary head expressed the hope that the Iran-Ireland friendship group will foster a bilateral exchange of tourists.    
Ireland, despite having a small population of 4.6 million, attracts over 7 million tourists annually. The number is expected to move up to 10 million in 2020.  SiliconTravel website has ranked Ireland as the most tourist-friendly country in the world.


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