Cirio de Nazare

Cirio de Nazare
Cirio de Nazare

Cirio de Nazare, one of the largest Catholic processions in Brazil and in the world will be held on October 14.

Approximately two million faithful Catholics join the Cirio de Nazare to honor the Virgin of Nazareth, in Belem, capital of the northern state of Para.

Hundreds of boats participate in a well-known river procession ‘Romaria Fluvial’ before the street procession.

The procession in Belem attracts pilgrims who carry offerings, symbols, and icons representing divine healings and intercessions.

Devotees follow the image of Our Lady of Nazareth along the 3.6 kilometers from Belem Cathedral to the Nazare Basilica, where it is on display for two weeks.

A great number of people hold on to the rope tied to Berlinda, the stand carrying the image of Our Lady of Nazareth.

The heat and intense emotions contribute to thousands of fainting cases, mostly among the rope-holders.

Several other events are involved in the Cirio, which, in 2004, was listed as an immaterial heritage by IPHAN, Brazil’s Institute for National Historical and Artistic Heritage.