Bashkirs in Search of Their Roots

Bashkirs in Search of Their RootsBashkirs in Search of Their Roots

A scientific team from Ufa, capital of Bashkortostan Republic, visited Iran to conduct an ethnological research, CHTN reported.

Origins of the Bashkir ethnic group cannot be studied in exclusion of Iranian people, Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, head of the delegation said, addressing the Research Institute head of the Iran Cultural Heritage Organization.

Bashkortostan is located between the Volga River and Ural Mountains. In their studies on the cultural heritage of South Ural, the Bashkir scientists discovered some evidence of connections with Iran and Persian-speaking nations in ancient times.

The delegation is focusing on the southwestern regions of Iran. Russian philologist and expert on Iran, Kulberdina Abubakireva, hopes to find proof of Bashkir ethnic roots in Iranian ancestry during the planned philological and linguistic research in Bashagard, Hormozgan Province.