The ‘Everest’ Among Caves Finally Cleaned

The ‘Everest’ Among Caves Finally CleanedThe ‘Everest’ Among Caves Finally Cleaned

Referred to as the ‘Everest of Caves’, Praw is the deepest vertical cave in the world and is considered the most challenging caves. It has claimed the lives of five of cavers so far.

Located on top of a 3100 meter high summit of the same name in Kermanshah province, Praw is a lure for the very daring of tourists.

Praw was finally cleansed of debris yesterday, (October 7). A 14-day challenge, which started on September 24, the occasion of Cave’s Day. The painstaking project took 40 cavers to collect 500 kg of trash.

The reason behind this amount of trash is attributed to the difficulties involved in navigating the cave, making it difficult for cavers to carry their waste. Even some of the bodies of the deceased could not be recovered.

 Among the debris collected, there were signs of from the very first discoverers of the cave - a British group who navigated the cave in 1973.

The Praw hiking season is only for two months due to the cold weather inside, ranging between -1 to 3c.

Iran has many more famous caves, among them are Alisadr, in Hamedan, and the Salt Cave on Qeshm Island.