• The Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea catchment area in the south has registered the biggest decline in rainfall.

    Despite the promising springtime rainfalls that improved the figures for the season, the total precipitation is still 29% below its long-term average, a senior official at Iran Meteorological Organization said.
    The country has received a total amount of 70 millimeters of rainfall during the first three months of the current Iranian year (started March 21), which shows a 35 % rise compared to last spring, the head of National Drought Warning and Monitoring Center Sadeq Ziaian noted.
    "The rainfalls are almost 27% higher than the long-term average of 55mm for the spring season," ISNA quoted Ziaian as saying.


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  • Recent Downpours No Manmade Phenomenon
    The head of Iran Meteorological Organization has denied the speculations that the recent downpours across Iran have resulted from cloud seeding projects or other human efforts. "Over the current...
  • The EU is to increase its funding for LIFE program by 60% to €5.45 billion in its next long-term budget.
    For the next long-term EU budget for 2021-2027, the European Commission is proposing to increase...
  • Inevitable inbreeding among the limited number of deer on Ashk Island has decreased genetic variability among the species.
    Low genetic diversity is becoming a serious concern over the survival of the scarce Persian fallow deer on Ashk Island in Urmia Lake, West Azarbaijan Province, the director of wildlife office at...
  • Persian Onager Population Up a Notch
    The birth of a female Persian onager on Saturday at Panj Angosht preservation site in Abarkouh County, Yazd Province, increased the number of the rare mammal to 18 individuals in the site, head of...
  • Expert Sheds Light  on Flood Risk
    Iran's Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization has warned over 55% or about 91million hectares of national watersheds are highly exposed to flood hazards. Around 41.5% of Iran's...
  • Veolia Stands to Gain Amid China Waste Crackdown
    French water and waste services firm Veolia Environnement SA sees opportunities in China from...
  • Florida on Edge in Face of Subtropical Storm
    Thousands have been evacuated from the coast of Florida as the region braces for subtropical storm Alberto...  
  • Policies aim to avoid water-use restrictions by giving priority to other strategies.
    Water rationing is among the various scenarios on agenda to contain the water crisis in metropolises such as Tehran in the upcoming summer, though the authorities pledge that it will be a last...
  • Local Birders Catch Sight of New Species
    Seven new bird species have been sighted since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21) in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province by environmentalists, increasing the number of recorded species...
  • Europe Moves to Tackle Marine Pollution
    The European Commission has tabled an important legal proposal to tackle marine litter.  
  • Expert Warning on Killer Fungi
    A biology expert has warned against eating wild mushrooms that have grown extensively across natural areas following the recent rainfalls and have poisoned dozens of citizens.  Hossein Riahi, a...
  • Green Light to Diesel Ban in Germany
    German cities have been given the go-ahead to ban older diesel cars from their roads with immediate effect.
  • Cheetah Back on Team Melli Apparel
    In response to widespread criticism by environmental groups, the image of Asiatic cheetah was finally added to the Iranian national football team’s apparel, although in a smaller size than expected...
  • Urmia in Better State After Rainfalls
    Water level of the long-time embattled Urmia Lake in northwest Iran has risen by 5cm over the past week thanks to the springtime precipitation, the head of Urmia Lake Restoration Project said.  “...
  • Wildlife Wetland Struggling Against Contaminants
    Kanibarazan Wetland, a top bird-watching spot in Mahabad County, West Azarbaijan Province, is fighting a battle against contamination, a senior official at the Department of Environment warned. ...
  • At Least 15 Killed in Somaliland Tropical Cyclone
    At least 15 people have died in Somaliland after heavy rains caused by tropical cyclone Sagar which...
  • Iran, EU Vow to Uphold Climate Obligations
    Iran and the European Union renewed their commitment to the 2015 Paris accord on curbing the global warming. “Domestic legal procedures are underway to finalize an approval for joining the pact,”...
  • China's Arable Lands on the Decline
    China's total arable land declined for a fourth consecutive year in 2017 as a result of new construction...  
  • The Paris pact was ratified by the Cabinet and parliament but faced objection by the Guardians Council.
    As the international Paris climate agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions will impose certain obligations, Iran needs to take every precaution before coming fully on board to prevent future...
  • Portugal Gov't Defends Controversial Oil Project
    The Portuguese government on Friday defended its decision not to order an environmental impact...  
  • Pastures Threatened by Overgrazing
    Excessive grazing is rapidly eroding the vegetation cover of national pastures that provide a lifeline for thousands of nomads and villagers, according to an ISNA report published on Thursday. "...
  • Landmark Deal to Preserve Precious Sequoia Grove
    A San Francisco conservation group has signed a deal to buy the world's second-largest sequoia grove...  
  • Iran's Shorelines in Jeopardy by Construction
    Hardly any stretch of the northern Caspian Sea coastline is left pristine, and Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman shores are threatened by human activity and urban development. Iran boasts over 5,800...
  • A portion of ULRP's budget for this year  has been earmarked to  fund an educational  scheme at local schools
    Through water transfer and shrub planting projects, the Urmia Lake Restoration Project has managed to control and settle down 70% of salt particles on the lake's bed, according to the provincial...
  • Zarivar Livens Up  With Migrating Birds
    Zarivar Lake in Kordestan Province has been host to over 12,000 aquatic birds since the beginning of the spring, giving the lake a new life, a senior official at the Department of Environment said...