• Fire Rips Through Miankaleh  Protected Area Once Again

    A suspicious wildfire swept through the Miankaleh protected area in the east of Mazandaran Province once again and burned at least 50 hectares of vegetation in the area. 
    This is the sixth time that natural areas of Miankaleh have fallen victim to flames this year, raising suspicion as to the cause of the incident. 
    According to a member of Zagh Marz Village Council, the blaze started on Wednesday near a livestock building and was put out after midnight by park rangers, firefighters and locals. 
    "Plants that had dried up in the summer heat made the operations tougher, but it was finally contained," said Jamal Aboutalebi Abdolmaleki. 


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  • Online Map Launched to Monitor Drought
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  • Recent studies recorded signs of tree malnutrition across Europe.
    Air pollution from farms, diesel engines and factories is leaving trees malnourished by killing off the fungi...
  • 7 Killed in Vietnam Flood, Landslide
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  • Wildlife Vanishing in Kerman
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  • Temperature Rose in Iran by 0.8°C Over Spring
    Iran's average temperature was higher than the long-term average for the spring season (starts March 21), according to the National Drought Warning and Monitoring Center at Iran's Meteorological...
  • The joint program will be run by GSME over the next two years.
    Russia will soon expand its cooperation with Iran in comprehensive marine studies on the Iranian part of the Caspian Sea in a wide range of areas, the head of Geological Survey and Mineral...
  • The jaguar is on the endangered species list in US and Mexico.
    A nonprofit institute devoted to protecting jaguars believes one that was spotted in Arizona...  
  • Kahrizak [Aradkouh] landfill
    The Department of Environment's deputy head for legal and parliamentary affairs criticized Tehran's Municipality for its poor management of waste and dysfunctional system of disposal and treatment...
  • An Environment Ministry No Top Priority
    A number of lawmakers have recently submitted a bill proposing once more the establishment of a ministry to be in charge of energy, water and the environment, a plan that a top official with the...
  • Vog Poses Health Risks for Hawaiians
    The emissions from the Kilauea volcano in the Hawaiian Islands have been occurring since the...
  • The Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea catchment area in the south has registered the biggest decline in rainfall.
    Despite the promising springtime rainfalls that improved the figures for the season, the total precipitation is still 29% below its long-term average, a senior official at Iran Meteorological...
  • Farms Ravaged by  Ravenous Deer
    A drop in rainfall and poor vegetation in Shir-Ahmad Protected Wildlife Reserve in Sabzevar County, Khorasan Razavi Province, has driven thirsty and hungry deer toward nearby farmlands in search of...
  • Smart Solution to Modernize  Capital’s Transport Fleet
    A project was launched in the capital Tehran to modernize aging trucks and buses, in line with a government drive to tackle air pollution which has hit alarming rates over the past few years. 
  • 3 Killed in Magnitude 6.1 Osaka Earthquake
    A magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook Osaka, Japan's second-biggest metropolis, early on Monday...  
  • Iran's representative at IPCC maintains that the exposure to climate change offers an opportunity to reverse adverse trends.
    Climate change and its consequences as the trigger for natural disasters are considered one of the top challenges menacing the world today. Iran has not been an exception since it has so far been...
  • Sever Desertification Looms
    A climate expert warned about the threat of desertification that could affect about 10% of the country in three decades.  "Currently 35.4% of the country is hyper-arid and %29.15 is arid, together...
  • Pollution in the provincial capital of Yazd has reached more critical levels than in other cities of the province.
    The central province of Yazd is going through the most polluted Iranian month caused by the spread of dust particles since at least March 2016, a provincial weather official said. "Yazd has so far...
  • Persian leopard is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List.
    Local reports of livestock loss to predators across rural and nomadic settlements of Ilam Province have pointed to Persian leopards as the primary culprit, while experts and authorities maintain...
  • Another plan to extend woodlands in the province for another 2,000 hectares is on the agenda for the near future.
    A wide expanse of forests in the western province of Kordestan has been enhanced and replanted as part of a scheme to restore the destroyed patches of woodland. The plan targeted the woodlands,...