• Cashless Payment for Tehran Taxis

    The routine squabbles between angry drivers asking for change and passengers who find their billfolds empty of coins might become a thing of the past by the year end.
    To remedy one of the main grievances of Tehran’s residents, cabs will be linked to the necessary software for the e-payment of taxi fares before the end of the current Iranian year in March 2019, reported IBENA.
    CEO of Tehran Taxi Organization Alireza Qanadan says they are to tap into the potential of the private sector to establish an e-payment system for passengers taking taxis.
    Qanadan added, “After holding extensive talks with Tehran City Council, we have decided to enlist the help of the private sector to organize the micropayments in taxis.”


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  • App Alerts Drivers on Road Hazards
    In an effort to reduce motor vehicle fatality rates, a smartphone application has been designed to notify drivers of imminent danger when drawing close to an accident-prone area. Unveiled on...
  • The customs duty for hybrids now stands at 35%.
    The unending saga of hybrid car import tariffs has taken another turn for the worse as the government decided to once again raise the rates by 10%. The officials have once again increased the...
  • Spot a Parking Spot Online in Tehran
    A new scheme has been devised to facilitate the arduous task of finding a parking place in the tightly-packed streets and alleys of Tehran. Using a mobile application, citizens will be able to book...
  • Iran Auto Industry’s Overview
    Iran’s Industries Ministry has released its monthly automotive statistical report covering local manufacturers’ output during the first Iranian month, which ended on April 20. According to the...
  • More than half of global sales of EVs in 2017 were in China, followed by the US.
    Teslas and Nissan Leafs are likely to become a much more common sight on the world’s roads in the...  
  • Trump Tariff Plan Threatens GM Korea Rescue
    Fresh off a $7 billion rescue for its loss-making South Korean operation, General Motors faces a new...
  • SAIPA Jumps on Green Bandwagon
    Iran’s major carmaker SAIPA has completed the third phase of a scheme which aims to help mitigate the depletion of underground water resources. The plan allows the company to use 1,400 cubic...
  • Lynk & CO Steers Clear of Volvo’s Looks
    A few years ago, as a design director of Volvo Cars, Andreas Nilsson was given a blank piece of paper...
  • Auto Industry in a Shambles
    The automotive market is mired in a state of limbo as evidenced by a stagnant market fanned by volatile foreign currency exchange rates and instances of up to 20% hikes in car prices.   Head of...
  • Tesla Updates Model 3
    Tesla has begun to issue an over-the-air firmware update that CEO Elon Musk says will improve the...
  • Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, the US
    Tesla Inc has flown six planes full of robots and equipment from Europe to California in an...
  • No Change in Citroen’s Iran Strategy
    In the face of Washington’s withdrawal from the historic nuclear deal with Tehran, Citroen’s CEO Linda Jackson says while waiting for the European Union to take a clear position on US sanctions and...
  • Fiat Chrysler Recalls 4.8m Vehicles
    Fiat Chrysler is warning the owners of approximately 4.8 million vehicles to stop using the cruise control...
  • Auto Startup Offers  to Uplift Urban Life
    A local startup has been launched to offer on-demand automotive services to residents of Tehran. The business aims to save the citizen’s time in the city’s traffic-clogged streets by coming to one...
  • Iran Khodro Expanding Presence in Iraqi Market
    Iran’s largest carmaker, Iran Khodro, is set to export 6,000 cars equipped with automatic transmission to Iraq, during the current fiscal which ends in March 2019. Two locally designed sedan...
  • Tesla Admits Model 3 Braking Issue, Promises Fix
    Tesla Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk admitted on Monday there was a braking...
  • Prices have been jacked up by car dealers and some makers by 6-22% only in the past few weeks.
    Authorities are set to ratify new car prices for models costing under 450 million rials ($10,700) in the early days of June. Head of the Competition Council Reza Shiva said on Tuesday that the...
  • Uber Plans Taxi-Hailing  in Japan
    Uber Technologies plans to launch its first taxi-hailing pilot service in Japan that will connect passengers to...
  • SAIPA Devising Strategy  to Counter Headwinds
    Second largest automaker in the country SAIPA says they have an action plan in place in the event of probable headaches coming in the way of Iran’s auto industry. Managing Director of SAIPA Mohsen...
  • ISACO intends to use university sites  for holding courses.
    Shahid Bahonar Engineering College in Shiraz signed a memorandum of understanding with a subsidiary of the country’s largest automotive company Iran Khodro on the establishment of a joint training...
  • Uber Chief Product Officer to Leave
    Uber Technologies Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden is leaving the ride-hailing company, the latest...
  • A parliamentary meeting to take stock of the auto industry was held on May 20.
    After the public outrage over soaring prices of locally manufactured cars prodded the Iranian Parliament to summon the directors of Iran's largest automotive companies and the deputy minister of...
  • Tesla Model 3
    Elon Musk’s Model 3, once touted as Tesla’s $35,000 car for the masses, can now set ...
  • Local car dealers say car prices have observed significant hikes over the past two weeks.
    The auto industry faces scrutiny on multiple fronts as car prices spike in Iran, with the bullish market observing a 10% price increase only in recent weeks. The industry seems to be stuck in a...
  • Citroen Presells 2,000 C3s in Iran Debut
    Through a joint venture with Iranian carmaker SAIPA, French automotive giant Citroen presold 2,000 units of its small city hatchback C3 in its initial offering in the country on May 16. According...