• SAIPA Debuts Homegrown  Sedan at Shiraz Auto Show

    While SAIPA’s French partner Citroen has suspended its collaborations with the Iranian company, the local carmaker striving not to get marooned in the past has introduced a brand new model along with a homegrown automotive platform which can usher in a new era for SAIPA.
    In the face of the upcoming US sanctions and in line with the country’s agenda to reduce dependency on foreign products, the major Iranian carmaker SAIPA earlier this week unveiled its first locally designed vehicle during the Shiraz Auto Show, one of the major automotive events in the country.   
    The vehicle, a sedan model, is dubbed “Roham” and was first put on public display on July 18 in Shiraz at the four-day event which opened on July 17, as local carmakers and car enthusiasts gathered to showcase latest achievements.


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  • SAIPA-Citroen initiated the presale of the Citroen C3 in Iran on May 16.
    Deputy director of SAIPA-Citroen joint venture Yann Martin says the French automotive company is committed to Iran business. According to him, in the face of the belligerent US President Donald...
  • Didi Axes Social Features
    China’s biggest ride-sharing company, Didi Chuxing, will disable features such as profile pictures, ratings...
  • IKCO Launches Stock Monitoring Application
    Iran largest automaker Iran Khodro has launched an application to ease the shareholders’ work in observing their stocks and the latest changes in their value. Investors can use the app to receive...
  • Millions of Hours Down the Drain in Tehran’s Massive Traffic Snarls
    Tehran citizens are forced to squander 20 million hours a day in the overcrowded, traffic-clogged metropolis. According to Mohammad Darvish, a prominent member of the Iranian Research Institute of...
  • SAIPA-Citroen JV Announces Iran Presale
    Iranian carmaker SAIPA and its French partner PSA’s Citroen brand announced an upcoming presale of the Citroen C3 in Iran few days after the hawkish President Donald Trump pulled the United States...
  • The production facility was inaugurated on April 24, during a ceremony attended by Industries Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari.
    With an investment of 1.2 trillion rials ($28.5 million), Iran’s first die-casting mold factory has started operations in the northwestern city of Tabriz. The project aims to cater to the needs of...
  • Trump Meets Auto Executives
    CEOs or senior executives from ten American and foreign automakers met with President Donald Trump...
  • Haval H2
    During the ceremony to deliver the first series of the Haval H2 to customers, Bahman Motor CEO Hamid Davoudzadeh announced that Haval H6 will arrive in the market in October. While the private...
  • Hyundai Kona's Iran Debut Slated for Summer
    Iranian automaker and local partner of Hyundai Motor is set to unveil the South Korean firm's small SUV Kona by late June. According to Kerman Motor's marketing manager, the Kona will be...
  • Industries Minister Ignites Controversy: : Carmakers’ Full Privatization Still a Long Shot
    Iran’s minister of industries maintains that prior to triggering public offering of managing shares of Iran Khodro and SAIPA, the number of active automotive firms in the country needs to be...
  • Uber Shows Flying Car Prototype
    Uber has unveiled its “flying car” concept aircraft at its second...
  • PSA Hopes Unified EU Position on Iran Deal
    French carmaker and owner of Peugeot brand PSA Group said on Wednesday that it hoped the European Union would adopt a common position on Iran, following US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull...
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    The world’s biggest carmaker may have a new diesel ...
  • Ford Eyes to Tap Tech-Minded Talent
    Ford Motor Co. wants to convert an infamous symbol of Detroit’s long, sad decline—a rotting train...
  • Among the new vehicles with a four-star quality is the Peugeot 2008 produced in Iran through a joint venture between Iran Khodro and the French automaker Peugeot.
    While Iranian carmakers have constantly been under fire for low quality of their products and inadequate safety standards, reports by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company indicate a slight...
  • Rouhani Inaugurates Mashhad Subway Intersection
    (Brief) During a public event, President Hassan Rouhani on Monday morning officially inaugurated a major subway line intersection in the holy city of Mashhad.
  • Elon Musk
    Days after the Tesla boss shocked Wall Street by completely dismissing critical questions from two...
  • There are more than 7,000 taxi vans on the verge of falling apart in the capital.
    In an effort to mitigate air pollution in the capital, several organizations have mobilized resources to launch a renovation scheme directed at renewing Tehran’s taxi van fleet.  There are more...
  • Ex-VW Chief Charged in US
    The United States has filed criminal charges against former Volkswagen AG boss Martin Winterkorn...
  • California Ruling Puts Pressure on Uber, Lyft
    A ruling issued on Monday will make it more difficult for employers in the Golden State to...
  • A customer now has to pay 61 million rials ($14,523) to purchase the crossover Sandero Stepway, up 8.9% compared to a few days ago.
    Iran’s second largest auto manufacturer SAIPA hiked the prices for its products, some by as much as 9.4%, according to leaked data vaguely affirmed by officials. In an underhand move, SAIPA...
  • Flaw Detected in VW Security
    Researchers at Dutch firm Computest have disclosed multiple vulnerabilities in the infotainment system...
  • Auto parts have a 7.6% share of the goods entering Iran through legal channels, topping Iran’s import bill.
    Iran’s auto parts import bill for the first month of the current fiscal which started on March 21 has come in with the total value of the goods standing at $192 million. According to statistics...
  • Haval H2 Goes on Sale in Tehran
    Private Iranian automaker Bahman Group has initiated the sales of a Haval SUV model H2. The sales began on 10 a.m. local time on Saturday. The vehicle is priced at 958.9 million rials ($22,830) and...
  • Motorbikes are notorious for being one of the main contributors to air pollution.
    Iranian motorbike makers have ten months to upgrade their facilities to meet Euro4 standards and the country's automotive inspection centers are on the fast track to get new equipment so as to...