• Rouhani Orders Clampdown on Unlawful Vehicle Imports

    President Hassan Rouhani has issued a two-week ultimatum to a string of government bodies to crack down on corrupt circles which have brought cars into Iran through illicit means and had the vehicles cleared from customs warehouses by forgery.
    A litany of corruption allegations has rattled Iran’s auto market as reports of misconduct piled up and prompted the president himself to demand a full-scale and speedy inquiry into the matter.
    To spearhead a transparency campaign and alleviate public concerns, Rouhani issued an official statement on Saturday, ordering several state bodies to investigate a possible ploy by “government employees, one computer company and a number of importers” to obtain clearance from the customs administration through illicit channels for several hundreds of vehicles brought into Iran.


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  • With 162,079 vehicles sold in Iran last year, Renault registered a 10.8% share of the domestic market.
    In the face of mounting pressure from the hawkish US President Donald Trump on international firms to ditch their Iran operations, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn says the company is committed to...
  • Quality of SAIPA’s Pride has been augmented.
    The quality of several Iran-made budget vehicles, priced under 500 million rials ($11,900), has observed a slight improvement according to the results of a monthly audit released by Iran Standard...
  • Some 2.5 million carburetor-equipped motorcycles ply Tehran’s almost permanently clogged roads.
    Since implementing a ban on the production of carburetor-equipped motorcycles, numerous attempts have been made to kill the mandate; the most recent of which is a formal request signed by two...
  • Snapp Forays Into New Cities
    Major Iranian e-hailing company Snapp has made inroads into two new markets as its services have become operational in Bushehr and Hamadan. Customers from Bushehr in the southwest of the country...
  • The Citroen C3
    Automakers are putting measures in place to mitigate the impact of the upcoming sanctions imposed by the truculent US President Donald Trump in the wake of his underhand move to pull the country...
  • Under an agreement, the companies will collaborate on GM’s next generation, advanced chemistry battery system.
    General Motors and Honda have struck a deal to partner on developing advanced new battery...
  • Kordestan Province to Host Auto Show
    Sanandaj, capital of the western province of Kordestan, is set to host the 6th edition of the Specialized Exhibition for Automobiles and Related Industries from August 27 to 30.The event is...
  • VW’s Golf GTI on Sale in Iran
    Volkswagen distributor in Iran, Mammut Khodro, has launched the presale of Golf GTI in the country. In addition to the Golf, Mammut has Tiguan and Passat on offer in Iran. According to an official...
  • Imported Geely Cars Poised for Summer Debut in Iran
    Iranian automotive firm Arian Khodro Pars has brought several units of Geely cars into the country to be tested by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and the Ministry of...
  • Electric Bike Production on Track in Iran
    Jahanro Industrial Group, a local manufacturer of motorcycles, is set to launch production of an electric motorbike jointly designed with Sharif University's Shahid Rezaei Research Center. As a...
  • Lawsuit Seeks Tesla Board’s Shakeup
    Elon Musk’s multi-billion dollar compensation package should be rescinded and the board of...
  • Sedan model Dena designed by Iranian engineers is manufactured at the Khazar production facility.
    The very first products of a joint venture between Iran Khodro and Azerbaijan's AzEuroCar LLC are set to go on sale in the coming days under the brand name Khazar. President Hassan Rouhani's chief...
  • Rigan Khodro Eyes JMC Pickup for Production in Iran
    Rigan Khodro has imported a prototype of Tiger pickup trucks produced by the Chinese Jiangling Motors Corporation, as it is weighing the introduction of the model to the Iranian auto market.   A...
  • New Price Rise for Peugeot 2008
    Peugeot 2008, the first product of a joint venture between the largest domestic automaker Iran Khodro and the French PSA Group, does not seem capable of finding a way out of price fluctuations....
  • App Alerts Drivers on Road Hazards
    In an effort to reduce motor vehicle fatality rates, a smartphone application has been designed to notify drivers of imminent danger when drawing close to an accident-prone area. Unveiled on...
  • The customs duty for hybrids now stands at 35%.
    The unending saga of hybrid car import tariffs has taken another turn for the worse as the government decided to once again raise the rates by 10%. The officials have once again increased the...
  • Spot a Parking Spot Online in Tehran
    A new scheme has been devised to facilitate the arduous task of finding a parking place in the tightly-packed streets and alleys of Tehran. Using a mobile application, citizens will be able to book...
  • Borgward BX7 Hits the Road in Tehran
    Local automotive company Kian Motor Varna delivered the first units of presold Borgward BX7 to customers this week in Tehran. Back in 2017, Kian Motor Varna signed an import agreement with the Sino...
  • More than half of global sales of EVs in 2017 were in China, followed by the US.
    Teslas and Nissan Leafs are likely to become a much more common sight on the world’s roads in the...  
  • Trump Tariff Plan Threatens GM Korea Rescue
    Fresh off a $7 billion rescue for its loss-making South Korean operation, General Motors faces a new...
  • Iran Auto Industry’s Overview
    Iran’s Industries Ministry has released its monthly automotive statistical report covering local manufacturers’ output during the first Iranian month, which ended on April 20. According to the...
  • Lynk & CO Steers Clear of Volvo’s Looks
    A few years ago, as a design director of Volvo Cars, Andreas Nilsson was given a blank piece of paper...
  • Auto Industry in a Shambles
    The automotive market is mired in a state of limbo as evidenced by a stagnant market fanned by volatile foreign currency exchange rates and instances of up to 20% hikes in car prices.   Head of...
  • Tesla Updates Model 3
    Tesla has begun to issue an over-the-air firmware update that CEO Elon Musk says will improve the...
  • SAIPA Jumps on Green Bandwagon
    Iran’s major carmaker SAIPA has completed the third phase of a scheme which aims to help mitigate the depletion of underground water resources. The plan allows the company to use 1,400 cubic...