SAIPA Unveils New Engine, P90 Car 

SAIPA has unveiled its new ME16 engine and the P90 car model, which is the Iranian Sandero
SAIPA Unveils New Engine, P90 Car 
SAIPA Unveils New Engine, P90 Car 

SAIPA has unveiled a new engine called ME16 that will be used in three cars and P90, which is the Iranian version of Renault Sandero.
According to SAIPA’s CEO Mohammad Ali Teymouri, the main bottleneck of SAIPA Automotive Group was the engine and with the inauguration of the ME16 production line, 600 engines will be produced every day, Donyaye Khodro reported.
“This production line is the most modern engine manufacturing line in Iran and more than 60% of the production processes are handled automatically and by robots, which reduces errors in each station,” he said.
“About 92% of the ME16 engine employ domestic technology and partts, and fewer than 8% of components used in this engine are imported, which include materials for engine packaging.”
Three cars, namely Shahin G (with manual transmission), Shahin with automatic transmission and P90 will be outfitted with this engine.


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