• SAIPA Debuts Homegrown  Sedan at Shiraz Auto Show

    While SAIPA’s French partner Citroen has suspended its collaborations with the Iranian company, the local carmaker striving not to get marooned in the past has introduced a brand new model along with a homegrown automotive platform which can usher in a new era for SAIPA.
    In the face of the upcoming US sanctions and in line with the country’s agenda to reduce dependency on foreign products, the major Iranian carmaker SAIPA earlier this week unveiled its first locally designed vehicle during the Shiraz Auto Show, one of the major automotive events in the country.   
    The vehicle, a sedan model, is dubbed “Roham” and was first put on public display on July 18 in Shiraz at the four-day event which opened on July 17, as local carmakers and car enthusiasts gathered to showcase latest achievements.


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