Sandstorms Threaten Health of 38 Million Iranians

Sandstorms Threaten Health of 38 Million Iranians
Sandstorms Threaten Health of 38 Million Iranians

Exposure to sand and dust storms (SDS) jeopardizes the health of as many as 38 million people across Iran, Director General of the Health Ministry’s Center of Environmental and Occupational Health Jafar Jandaqi stated. 
“Statistics indicate that people’s visits to medical centers increase on dusty days,” Jandaqi was quoted as saying by IRNA at a meeting held in the Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Research Center. 
Analysis of the particles carried by high-speed winds have revealed that they can cause fungal diseases in the 38 million exposed to them, the official stated. 
“The increase in the number of airborne particles raises the chances of heart diseases, disrupts social activities as well as the public transport system,” he added. 
Over the past three days in the sandstorm-struck southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, 769 have visited hospitals complaining of eye, heart and respiratory problems and 71 have been hospitalized. 
Jandaqi pointed to other adverse effects of SDS, including the drop in the quality of agricultural products, the money spent on healthcare and the decline in life expectancy and urged authorities to take action to combat the worsening phenomenon. 
Some 75% of the world is affected by two billion tons of dust generated by 45 countries every year, according to Jandaqi.

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