• Optimism Prevails About Future Moves in Saving Nuclear Deal

    Iran is guardedly optimistic about the path forward on the nuclear deal as world powers have reiterated their backing for it in defiance of US pressures, President Hassan Rouhani said. 
    He said it is possible that the upcoming congressional midterm elections in the United States may change the political landscape for the better.
    "I do not want to say that all issues have been resolved. But the majority of countries are saying that Iran is right and the United States is wrong. This is a major achievement," he told scholars and clerics in Tehran late on Saturday, his official website reported. 
    Rouhani was referring to the fact that the five countries (France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia) remain united behind the 2015 nuclear accord and have been trying to find a way to ensure Iran gets the economic benefits to persuade it to stay in the agreement after Donald Trump pulled the US out earlier this month.  


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