Nurse Staffing Shortage Reaches 100,000

Nurse Staffing Shortage Reaches 100,000
Nurse Staffing Shortage Reaches 100,000

There is a shortage of 100,000 nurses in the country’s medical centers and hospitals, head of the Nursing Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Mirzabeigi, announced. 
“There are roughly 20,000-30,000 unemployed nurses in the country,” Mirzabeigi was quoted as saying by ISNA on Tuesday. 
The increase in the population of senior citizens, spread of emerging, re-emerging and chronic diseases, as well as the rise in the number of hospital beds has caused the shortage in nurses, according to the official. 
Employment permits are not being granted to nurses in time to fill the gaps created by nurses retiring and hospital beds increasing, he noted. 
“Right now, we have less than one nurse for each hospital bed in 24-hour periods, nurses need to double so we can reach the standard number,” the official said. 
Mirzabeigi added that at least 17,000 nurses who were promised employment have been dismissed after the Covid-19 pandemic subsided. 
Many hospitals have chosen to award short-term contracts to nurses to tackle the shortage. Iran’s shortage of nursing staff has been exacerbated by immigration as thousands leave the country for better work conditions and higher payment in developed countries.

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