• Iran-EU Trade Tops €12b

    Trade between Iran and the 28 member states of the European Union during the first eight months of 2018 amounted to €12.02 billion, indicating a 4.4% decrease compared with last year’s similar period.
    Iran’s top five trade partners over the period under review were Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Greece with more than €2.93 billion, €1.98 billion, €1.82 billion, €1.71 billion and €1.04 billion worth of transactions respectively.
    Trade with Croatia (€62.84 million), Hungary (€80.35 million) Latvia (€6.27 million), Spain (€1.82 billion) and Austria (€390.35 million) saw the highest increase of 1,673.6%, 213.4%, 157.8%, 63.6% and 28% respectively. 
    Iran experienced the sharpest decline in trade with Cyprus (65.6%), Bulgaria (59.6%), Portugal (53.2%), the Netherlands (44.9%) and Slovakia (28.9%). 

Domestic Economy

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