• Iran’s startup ecosystem has boomed in recent years.

    Privately owned Bank Pasargad is poised to increase its investment in startups and knowledge-based firms through its venture capital fund named Shenasa.
    During a press conference on Wednesday, the VC’s director Hamed Sajedi outlining Shenasa’s activities told reporters that the fund is set to extensively increase its investment in Iran’s startup ecosystem and knowledge-based companies.
    “Shenasa was founded some six years ago. Aiming to assist Iranian entrepreneurs, the VC has invested unceasingly in fledgling firms and startups,” Sajedi was quoted as saying by local technology website Shanbe Press.
    According to the fund’s website, Shenasa registered as Pishgaman Amin Sarmayeh Pasargad was founded in 2012 and is one of the firs Iranian venture capital funds in the country. 
    Furthermore, he noted that employing the fund’s financial potential, Bank Pasargad has established a startup accelerator named Trig Up.

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