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Social Network Launched for Kids

Kids can play games on Shiba’s social network. Kids can play games on Shiba’s social network.

A local Iranian candy firm is seeking to turn Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on its head with a newly developed social network platform for children.

Shiva Mfg Co., which sells jelly sweets of all shapes and tastes under the brand name Shiba is attempting to bring Iranian children online in a safe monitored social environment, local website news agency Webna reports.

Popular social networks are filled with adult content, unfiltered comments, cyber-bullying and identity theft. Iran’s most-used social network Telegram is also afflicted with unrestricted comments by many.

The website can be found under the address and is an extension of the company’s earlier “Shiba Pen Pals Club” which was launched in 2004.

Members of the club participate in gathering and painting or writing contests and receive prizes from the company which once included a free annual trip to Disneyland Paris for their family.

 A Growing Community

Shiba’s social network currently has more than 80,000 users and is built on the balance of entertainment, expression, experience, education and engagement without endangering exposure.

The social network has all the features of traditional social communities (finding new friends, chat, photos, profiles, comments, etc.) but also have more kid-friendly features like games, virtual gifts, contests, art projects and more.

Most importantly, it is monitored and include parental/guardian oversight to make sure the kids are safe.

More than just a digital babysitter, social networks for kids can be a useful teaching tool, helping kids learn about appropriate social etiquette, safe online sharing practices, and online citizenship.

Earlier in March a social media platform, an application store and an application launcher designed specifically for children were launched by Nabaat Media Group—a local media organization specializing in children’s content.

The platforms have created a secure space and offer carefully selected content tailored for children of different age groups. While monitoring their activities on smartphones and tablets, parents can filter the content used by their children using the new platforms. The software is compatible with devices running on iOS, Android and Windows.


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