• The Appeal of Higher Oil Prices
    The Appeal of Higher Oil Prices
    The world is facing an undeniably high level of uncertainty and oil price is just one of the...
  • Rising With Responsibility
    Rising With Responsibility
    Implementation of the nuclear deal with the six world powers, which is...
  • Crossing the Rubicon
    Crossing the Rubicon
    As we navigate the post-sanctions landscape the one sticky word that will keep...
  • Does Goodwill  Beget Goodwill?
    Does Goodwill  Beget Goodwill?
    Writing about visa restrictions is never an easy task for any Iranian who have lived and...
  • Confounding Numbers
    Confounding Numbers
    Let’s call a spade a spade and move on – this time by taking a closer look at some critical...
  • Pulling Out of Recession
    Pulling Out of Recession
    In light of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers...
  • Austerity at Stake  in Portuguese Election
    Austerity at Stake  in Portuguese Election
    Do changes towards left center parties in Europe constitute a positive sum?
  • New Narrative
    New Narrative
    Over the past eight weeks a stop in Tehran has become de rigueur for international business...
  • Ready for a Leap Forward
    Ready for a Leap Forward
    Iran’s petrochemical industry has been gearing up for a leap forward.
  • Insuring the Deal
    Insuring the Deal
    When President Hassan Rouhani took office in the summer of 2013 economists...
  • Setting a Precedent
    Setting a Precedent
    After a long and drawn out dispute over the scale and scope of Tehran’s nuclear energy program...
  • Economic Imperative
    Economic Imperative
    What should and should not be read into last week’s ‘historic deal’ between Iran and...
  • Same No More
    Same No More
    Even before the panic and pandemonium was crafted over the "concerns" of Persian Gulf ...
  • Take a Reality Check
    Take a Reality Check
    Robust diplomacy and profound technical skill will be put to a test of epic proportions in the coming ten weeks as Iran and the so-called P5+1 meet to work out the minute details of the Joint...
  • Lacking Gumption
    Lacking Gumption
    On Tuesday the US Congress had a guest. The prime minster of the occupying power...
  • A Clarion Call
    A Clarion Call
    The marathon nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1...
  • Winds Do Not Stop at Borders
    Winds Do Not Stop at Borders
    Dust storms have engulfed communities, cities and airports from Cairo...
  • Netanyahu’s Nuisance Value
    Netanyahu’s Nuisance Value
    Despair, disarray and dismay are but a few polite terms one can borrow...
  • Colossally Unprepared
    Colossally Unprepared
    This weekend was a bit different for economic Iran and the obstreperous free-marketeers long...
  • Going, Not Gone
    Going, Not Gone
    Thirteen years and a disastrous war later, the US-led North Atlantic Treaty...
  • Rude Awakening
    Rude Awakening
    Those relying on oil revenues are in for a rude awakening since summer. The international price of...
  • And Now Graft
    And Now Graft
    In countries where rule of law is king, the elite are the most responsible for their actions or the lack of it. Translation: authority and responsibility go together and nobody is above the law.
  • Budget Deficit and Solutions
    Budget Deficit and Solutions
    Attention is now shifting towards the potentially hot debate in parliament ...
  • Not New
    Not New
    Business cycle is the period of boom and bust in the level of economic activities.
  • Atmospherics and Theatrics
    Atmospherics and Theatrics
    Last autumn it was inconceivable for some of the most optimistic international ...