Rising With Responsibility

Rising With Responsibility
Rising With Responsibility

Implementation of the nuclear deal with the six world powers, which is a long-term agreement, encourages all parties to ponder that nuclear tension should not expose Iran to unnecessary political challenges in the future.

The deal ensures, among other things, that the economy will get back on its feet make up for all that it missed during the last decade of wide-ranging oil, economic, banking, financial…restrictions.

The government in Tehran is committed to do all it can to ensure the efficient implementation of the historic deal officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and benefit from its economic advantages. This also implies that Tehran has made  up its mind to rise and develop as the sanctions are relegated to history.

Now one may ask: Is our progress a hurdle for other countries? Or is it not that the global economy and the nations stand to gain from our progress and prosperity?       

Economics is not a zero-sum game. The rise of other players actually expands the pie and this is good for all. The rise of others also translates into a more competitive environment. All are cognizant of the fact that individuals, firms and of course countries perform better when they have to compete. Competition based on global values encourages innovation and contributes to national GDPs and global economic growth.

In the past few decades we saw how countries far and wide were trapped and bent under the burden of their own contradictions while other economies grew and their peoples prospered. Economic rise in eastern Europe and South Asia illustrates the fact that progress is beneficial not only for their masses but also for human beings across the world.

When the international community accepts China’s rise whose scale and scope dwarfs almost all others, it is obvious no one would or should panic if Iran makes amends with the international community and returns to the fold with a clear view and vision.

However, our economy is big enough to carry with it the wellbeing of its partners. Iran’s economy is the biggest in the Middle East. Abundant venues for profitable production are available, namely a rich profile of young and educated workforce, developed infrastructure and abundant natural resources. These plus other major factors will help the country to rise and embrace prosperity.

Having said that, is Iran’s reemergence as a responsible and reasonable player on the global scene a danger to global security as some hardliners try to convey in the United States?  

Decline in the unipolar structure, obviously built on the perceived power and dominance of the United States is there for all to see, long before the advent of the twenty-first century. Although no abrupt shift is yet visible, there is a slow but steady move towards multipolarism. The rise of others is and will be beneficial for all, the US included, in the same was as robust global economic growth also paves the way for more open, responsible and democratic nations and societies.

Under the circumstances, tensions in international relations affairs should be far and few between and less caustic. So, the old concept that the best and most stable system is one with a single dominant power while others are barely mediocre followers is openly challenged -- neither feasible nor ideal for today. Rise of the rest makes and gives meaning to the multi-power world in which understanding, negotiations and compromise underpin its stability and longevity.

It is worthy of mention that as Tehran eventually showed and ensured its nuclear program is not a threat to the international community, and welcomed P5+1 cooperation to develop the peaceful program, we will show that our economic progress in the post-sanctions era will also help not hinder international security through closer trade with countries in and outside the region.

Border disputes, political infighting and geopolitical tensions will always exist, but the power of trade among nations dominates such irritants and impediments.  True, it cannot address many of the conflicts, but it is equally true that no nation wants tension with its trade partners in the long-run. As such, partners blessed with vision and political maturity seeks to peacefully resolve differences and disputes.

One this is clear. Iran’s rise is not only economically phenomenal for the world but also will contribute to regional and international peace, stability and security. Iran has decided to return to the international community. It is apparent that this was no mean feat. Let’s hope others will support its decision.