• Time Will Tell
    Time Will Tell
    Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, interaction between Iran and the United States has hardly ...
  • Rouhani’s Moderation
    Rouhani’s Moderation
    Since the Mid-1980s to 2007 major industrial countries went through the period called by economists ...
  • Uncertainty Conundrum
    Uncertainty Conundrum
    In order to elevate Iranian economy to the level that it is admirable and gathering popularity for his ...
  • Power of Resilience
    Power of Resilience
    The central Bank of Iran (CBI) reported this week that the economy expanded 4.6 percent in three months ...
  • FDI and Sustainable Growth
    FDI and Sustainable Growth
     President Hassan Rohani has regularly reminded foreign companies of the investment attraction of Iran because of its massive market. Just recently, the government announced major tax breaks for...
  • Is the Deal Broken?
    Is the Deal Broken?
    On November 24, 2013 Iran and P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the ...
  • Adjusting Economic Contours
    Adjusting Economic Contours
    Leaving politics, for now, to political scientists, it is in the interest of rulers and the ruled to look closely at what is...
  • tangible results needed
    tangible results needed
    When President Hassan Rohani took office, he changed Iran’s strategy towards the West.
  • Nuclear Talks:  Time Running Out
    Nuclear Talks:  Time Running Out
    President Rouhani’s recent visit to Tajikistan has raised concerns among a minority who alleges the...
  • A Different Tribune
    A Different Tribune
    Iran is going to have different days. International investors are focusing on Iran’s market and many have visited Tehran to assess and evaluate the emerging economic conditions. 
  • Financial Tribune  And Economic Maturity
    Financial Tribune  And Economic Maturity
    The need for a professional and privately-owned English language newspaper in Iran was conspicuous by its absence. It became all the more apparent over the past year when the economic world and Iran...