Lacking Gumption

Deputy Chief Editor
Lacking GumptionLacking Gumption

On Tuesday the US Congress had a guest. The prime minster of the occupying power in Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu unleashed his mounting desperation and usual diatribe against Iran and its nuclear program. Little, if anything, of what he bulldozed made sense to informed minds from the Mindanao islands to Morocco.

Many, if not most, were however, amazed that the ruler of an obstreperous state, infamous for killing innocent women and children for more than six decades, comes all the way to Washington to once again tell the Americans how to run their affairs.

Nuclear-armed Israel under the likes of Netanyahu, those who came before him and those who will come after him, will always live in perpetual state of fear and instability.

Anxiety is part and parcel of Israel's controversial existence and lawlessness. This state of affairs has absolutely nothing to do with the Islamic Republic or its nuclear energy program, or for the matter even the claims that Tehran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

Let us make the case clearly. The settlement state, which was sold to the world as Israel, is a victim of its unending oppression, arrogance and ignorance. The sense of fear its leaders project has everything to do with the immense harm that state has inflicted on innocent Palestinians and continues on the dangerous path with shameful impunity. And mighty America has been a ‘strategic partner’ in Israel’s agenda of pushing this part of the world from one crisis to another.   

Who doesn’t know that if today’s political configurations in the Middle East are profoundly vulnerable and insecure, it is the gift from Israel and its patrons who feel, albeit wrongly, that their long-term interests would be secured in and among chaos. This column is neither the first nor the last to unload the revelation that Israel is a big part of the problem that could well get bigger if the Netanyahus are left to their own devices.

The man speaking of the need for peace and stability and taming Iran and its nuclear path is indeed premature in the extreme. It is pretty obvious that you cannot have summer and winter on the same roof.  One wonders for how long US policymakers can afford to subsidize the occupying power and its transgressions with American taxpayers’ money and get the lion’s share of the blame for all things going awry in the Middle East and beyond.

Amid all these negative pattern of events engineered by the Israelis, in particular to diminish, some claim demolish,  President Barack Obama and his Iran policy, it can be fairly claimed that something positive is emerging, rather slowly. That Netanyahu would be a major troublemaker for the Obama White House was apparent for all to see soon after Obama came to office six years ago.

Over the years, especially on Tuesday, the people of America got to know in more detail to what extreme Israel can go to push its own nefarious and dangerous agenda and make a mockery of the US president and dismantle   his most important foreign policy project (normalcy with Iran). As the maxim goes, with friends like these America has no need for an enemy,

The notion that the nightmare regime in Israel wants to stop Tehran in its tracks, and seeks peace and stability for  its bankrollers in the United States, as the nuclearized Netanyahu never forgets to claim, is an historical contradiction in terms -- the selling of the Brooklyn Bridge. Perhaps the only hope we can invest in is that the people of America set aside their Israeli goggles and honestly see what Tel Aviv has done to their past, present, and possibly future.

Given the descending order of US international and regional credibility, it should have the gumption to take on Israel and embark on damage control in its own national interest and for the future of its children.