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  • Spotify Cracks Down on Replica Apps
    Spotify is cracking down on users who run modified replicas of the software that remove some of the...
  • Tehran to Transform Into Smart City
    Tehran’s mayor outlined the municipality’s plans for transforming the metropolis into a smart city during the first round of Smart Tehran Congress, which is being held at the iconic Milad Tower...
  • Mobile phones rank 15th biggest Iran import.
    In recent months, the number of cellphones entering Iran through legal channels has more than doubled. There has been a 160% year-on-year increase in the number of handsets entering the country...
  • Moto G6 Play Leaked
    Motorola’s Moto G6 was absent from last week’s Mobile World Congress, missing the obvious annual...
  • Samsung is the dominant brand in Iran and estimated to have a 50% share in the market.
    Samsung’s representative in Iran started the presale of its latest flagship handset Galaxy S9 series in the country on Feb. 29. Galaxy S9 and S9+ were unveiled during a press conference on...
  • Zuckerberg Sold $500 Million of Facebook Stock in February
    Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg sold nearly $500 million of the company’s shares in February to fund his philanthropic investment vehicle, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,...
  • Iran Government to Lower Laptop Tariffs
    Following private sector pressure and a rise in public demand, import tariffs on laptops will be reduced to 5% in the coming months, the head of Tehran’s Information Technology Union announced....
  • The phone has an E-Ink touchscreen.
    The Light Phone is a cellphone released last year with an interesting premise: strip away all the extraneous, distracting pieces of modern smartphones—like Internet, texting, email and photography—...
  • A Samsung sales center in Tehran
    Samsung, the dominant cellphone brand in Iran’s market, has been exempted from the mandatory Mobile Registry Scheme until the end of the Norouz  (Iranian New Year) holidays that ends in April. The...
  • Business Consultation for Iranian Knowledge-Based Firms
    The government-backed Innovation and Prosperity Fund (NSFund) will provide knowledge-based firms with business consultation to assist them in their work. The NSFund, established in 2013 to help...
  • Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S9 at the event.
    Every year, the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers (apart from Apple) descend on Barcelona to announce their shiny new phones at Mobile World Congress.
  • Startups were among the participants.
    The Sharif University of Technology held a job fair over the weekened at Goftogu Park north of Tehran. According to the events website, 55 companies participated in the job fair including several...
  • Hardly a week passes without cryptocurrencies making the headlines.
    With the unabashed rise of cryptocurrencies and growing public interest in the so-called digital money, Iran Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (Iran CERTCC) reports that some...
  • Apple Moves to Store iCloud Keys in China
    When Apple Inc begins hosting Chinese users’ iCloud accounts in a new Chinese data center at the end of this month to comply with new laws there, Chinese authorities will have far easier access to...
  • Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm to Produce Anesthesia Machines
    A knowledge-based company located in Pardis Technology Park has obtained permits to produce anesthesia machines. CEO of Premier Electro Medical Care Company says his firm has received the necessary...
  • It is said that the Registry Scheme has caused prices to rise by up to 20%.
    While officials claim that cellphone prices have dropped sharply, market observers dismiss the assertion saying that prices remain high. Officials at the Telecoms Ministry in Tehran have been...
  • SpaceX successfully deployed a satellite into low Earth orbit for the Spanish government.
    SpaceX took a critical step Thursday toward making one of Elon Musk’s dreams...
  • Fake Telegram App Stole User Data
    A phishing attack on Telegram users has been identified and stopped by the Iran Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center. A report published by the CERTCC details the attack by...
  • Home Security Startup Taps Face-Recognition Tech
    A team of engineers that worked on self-driving cars and helped invent Google Street View...
  • Due to the steep increase in prices laptops have become unaffordable for many.
    As laptop prices skyrocket, Iran’s ICT Guild Organization has called on authorities to decrease import tariffs on the portable gadgets and other computer parts to help control prices and curb...
  • Iranian Internet Service Providers Under Scrutiny
    In a bid to increase access to the Internet, the Communication Regulatory Authority introduced a mandatory landline Internet Fair Usage Policy last December. Now the ombudsman says it has received...
  • Online Home Repairs Service in Mashhad
    New startup Cherahat (a mash-up word in Persian which means how easy) is an online home...
  • BLU Mobile Phone Co. Enters Iran With Big Ideas
    Local firm Infogostar Company has introduced the budget cellphone BLU into the...
  • The websites were categorized in 48 groups.
    The tenth edition of Iran Web and Mobile Festival was held in Tehran over the weekend and...
  • Apple Releases New Bug Fix
    Apple has released iOS 11.2.6, which includes a bug fix for the Indian...