Tehran News

  • Sightseeing Tours Launched in East Tehran
    Tehran Municipality has launched sightseeing tours in and around Sorkheh Hesar National Park in east Tehran to promote tourism in the area.  
  • 4th Bicycle Lane Launched in Tehran
    Tehran Municipality has launched a new bike lane in the capital's District 7 in line with its program for promoting eco-friendly transportation.  This brings the number of biking lanes in the...
  • Tehran Metro Plans Four New Extensions
    Tehran’s subway network is to expand in four new directions after the under-construction lines are completed, a municipal authority said. According to Mohsen Pourseyyed-Aqaei, managing director of...
  • Tehran Air Quality Improves Slightly in May
    The residents of Iranian capital had some relief as air quality improved slightly in May compared with the corresponding month of last year, data released by Tehran Air Quality Control Company show...
  • Tehran Metro Expansion Plans on Track
    Two stations along the eastern flank of Tehran Metro’s Line 7 will open in a month, the CEO of Tehran Metro Group said. Ali Emam added that the new stations, namely Mohammadieh and Basij on the...
  • Sixth Mobile Vehicle Inspection Unit for Tehran
    A new mobile vehicle inspection unit has been launched in west Tehran, increasing the number of mobile inspection centers to six, Tehran Vehicle Technical Inspection Bureau announced. Navab...
  • Tehran City Councilor Against Import of Secondhand Buses
    A Tehran city councilor voiced his opposition to the import of secondhand buses, which has been proposed as an option to renovate the aging transportation fleet in the capital. During a meeting...
  • Renovation of Tehran Landline Telecom Infrastructure on Track
    In an effort to expand landline telephone services in Tehran, six telecommunications centers have undergone cord renovation since May 18.  
  • New Minibuses for Capital’s Transportation Fleet
    In an effort to expand the aging public transportation system in the capital, Tehran Bus Company plans to add 117 new minibuses to the fleet in six months.  
  • Tehran Metro Network Expands
    The eastern flank of Tehran Metro’s Line 7 will become operational in the current Iranian year (started March 21), CEO of Tehran Metro Group says. Ali Emam added that 10 stations along the eastern...
  • Traffic Fines Tapped for Expanding Tehran’s Subway
    As per a mandate issued by Tehran’s mayor, part of the money collected from traffic fines is to be spent on the expansion of the capital’s public transportation system.  
  • Tehran Sewer System Expanding
    Tehran wastewater network development is making reasonable progress (77%) and is planned to be launched by 2021, the technical and engineering deputy manager of the National Water and Wastewater...
  • Tehran Unemployment Rate at 12.2 Percent
    Tehran Province, wherein lies the capital city, registered an unemployment rate of 12.6% in the last fiscal year (March 2018-19).  The above-mentioned rate is 12.2% for urban areas of the province...
  • Construction Material Prices Exceed 47 Percent in Tehran
    The construction material price index for Iran's capital city, Tehran, stood at 313.4 in the last Iranian year (March 2018-19) to register a 47.8% increase compared with the year before. According...
  • Metro to Reach Hashtgerd in Summer
    An under-construction subway line in Alborz Province, west of Tehran, will reach the province's western flank at Hashtgerd New Town in a few months, a deputy roads minister said.   
  • Tehran Traffic Timing Changes in Ramadan
    With the start of the fasting month of Ramadan (May 7), timings of Tehran’s traffic schemes have been changed.  
  • Subsidized Tires for Cabbies
    Tehran Taxi Organization is providing tires to taxi drivers at subsidized rates, TTO’s head of public relations said. “Tires are offered to cabbies at the factory price of 3 million rials [$19.5...
  • Tehran Q4 Land, Home, Rent Prices Increase
    The Statistical Center of Iran has published its latest report on Tehran’s home and land prices in addition to rents, which indicates a significant increase during the fourth quarter of the last...
  • Public Transportation Fares Rise
    Bus, metro and taxi fares in the capital have gone up by 20% after Tehran City Council approved the new rates in a meeting on Sunday.  
  • Taxi Fare Hike in Tehran Soon
    Taxi fares will increase in the capital after the Tehran City Council approves the new rates, head of Iran Taxi Union Morteza Zameni said.   
  • 7 Stations to Join Tehran Metro
    Seven stations along east Tehran metro Line 7 will open  by mid-September, CEO of Tehran Metro Group said. The 27 km line, which connects the northwest to the southeastern regions, is built for 25...
  • Free Sightseeing Tours in Tehran
    Tehran Municipality's tourism office has launched weekly sightseeing tours in walking and biking modes.  
  • New Tehran Traffic Scheme Coming
    Tehran Municipality is to roll out a new traffic scheme dubbed Air Pollution Control (APC) in two months. The plan will replace the odd-even rule which was introduced in 2005 and has seemingly...
  • Tehran Home Prices Surge 71% in 2018-19
    Latest figures provided by the Planning and Housing Economy Office of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development show the average price of each square meter of a home in Iran's capital city,...
  • Tehran Bus Tours Become a Permanent Fixture
    Following talks between Tehran Municipality and Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, special sightseeing bus tours will be held on Fridays throughout the year.