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Iran is going to have different days. International investors are focusing on Iran’s market and many have visited Tehran to assess and evaluate the emerging economic conditions. Although they're aware that the initial agreement between Iran and the P5+1 is temporary and some political risks still linger, it seems that tensions between Iran and the West are slowly but steadily being consigned to history. This offers further encouragement to businesses to anticipate long-term investments. The economic environment is also becoming attractive for investors.  

International observers now acknowledge that the policies of the present administration are reasonable and supported by institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The government believes that investments can and should help ensure a strong recovery, and it knows how to boost investment. 

The best way is to reduce economic and political risks. The president and his team have moved on this path from the middle of last year. The ongoing nuclear talks with the six world powers plus closer interaction with the IAEA, and efforts to stabilize the economy are two wings of this policy. So far, the economy has benefited from such moves.    

After Hassan Rouhani took office, inflation has been of the descending order. Available data shows the inflation rate was 45.1% in May 2013 when Rouhani won the election. In July of this year it fell to 14.7% to mark the greatest economic achievement of the government. 

Macroeconomic stability was indeed one missing element of our economy during the rule of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That much needed and crucial aspect (stability) of the national economy is now emerging, albeit slowly but steadily. Furthermore, as opposed to the past 2-3 years, the economic growth rate was not negative on the first anniversary of Rouhani's presidency. In short, the economy has overcome deep recession -- another positive aspect. 

Financial Tribune is born under such circumstances. Business leaders in many countries are keen to know what is happening in Iran and how the new economic and political developments could affect their decisions and ventures. This newspaper will be a reliable source for business news and economic analyses for overseas markets and covers the needs of readers about Iran’s economy. Financial Tribune is aware that its mandate, among other things, calls for offering real economic insight based on comparative analyses between Iran and other developing countries, especially those in the region. We will strive to publish news and views to make sure that our readers have a transparent picture about Iran's economy.