• De Facto Departure
    De Facto Departure
    On every possible occasion the European Union reminded the world that “We remain...
  • Pouya Jabal Ameli
    Pouya Jabal Ameli
    President Hassan Rouhani recently outlined his administration's performance in the...
  • Pouya Jabal Ameli
    Rial has depreciated more than 10% over the last three months against the US dollar...
  • Catriona Purfield 
    The International Monetary Fund is optimistic that Iran can unify its dual foreign exchange rates in 2017-18 despite recent challenges facing the country, such as currency market volatility.
  • Will JCPOA Endure?
    Will JCPOA Endure?
    The 2015 nuclear deal has constantly seen its fortunes ebb and flow. During the two-year...
  • Different Directions
    Different Directions
    New enemies of the open society are emerging regularly in the developed world.
  • Growth Faces New Challenges
    Growth Faces New Challenges
    The latest report of the central bank illustrates that Iran’s growth has rebounded...
  •  IMF First Deputy: Iran Economic Recovery  Extending Beyond Oil Sector - EXCLUSIVE
    The fact that Iran’s economy is facing major challenges is well acknowledged. 
  • Three-Pronged IMF Approach to Accelerate Global Growth
    Since 2008, when the upheaval of the financial crisis descended on global markets, the...
  • Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Last summer lawmakers in the United States warned the Obama administration that the world...
  • Rising With Responsibility
    Rising With Responsibility
    Implementation of the nuclear deal with the six world powers, which is...
  • Insuring the Deal
    Insuring the Deal
    When President Hassan Rouhani took office in the summer of 2013 economists...
  • Budget Deficit and Solutions
    Budget Deficit and Solutions
    Attention is now shifting towards the potentially hot debate in parliament ...
  • Not New
    Not New
    Business cycle is the period of boom and bust in the level of economic activities.
  • Time Will Tell
    Time Will Tell
    Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, interaction between Iran and the United States has hardly ...
  • Rouhani’s Moderation
    Rouhani’s Moderation
    Since the Mid-1980s to 2007 major industrial countries went through the period called by economists ...
  • Power of Resilience
    Power of Resilience
    The central Bank of Iran (CBI) reported this week that the economy expanded 4.6 percent in three months ...
  • tangible results needed
    tangible results needed
    When President Hassan Rohani took office, he changed Iran’s strategy towards the West.
  • A Different Tribune
    A Different Tribune
    Iran is going to have different days. International investors are focusing on Iran’s market and many have visited Tehran to assess and evaluate the emerging economic conditions.