Amin Sabooni

Amin Sabooni is deputy chief editor at the Financial Tribune. Involved in the English-language print media in Iran since 1981, he edits and writes editorials for the Tribune, mainly covering domestic economic issues.  He was executive editor at Iran Daily and Kayhan International, two other English daily newspapers based in Tehran.

  • Awaiting Metamorphosis
    Transparency in the bloated banks and their balance sheets, fiscal discipline and replacing...
  • Rarefied Chambers
    One thing is all but certain. The status quo of banks, with their...
  • Unfinished Business
    Our country has reached a time in its contemporary history when the...
  • A Watershed Vote
    June 23, 2016 will go down in the history of the United Kingdom as the day when decades of deep distortions, divisions and differences in and among its people were laid barefor the world to see.
  • Crossing the Rubicon
    As we navigate the post-sanctions landscape the one sticky word that will keep...
  • Confounding Numbers
    Let’s call a spade a spade and move on – this time by taking a closer look at some critical...
  • New Narrative
    Over the past eight weeks a stop in Tehran has become de rigueur for international business...
  • Economic Imperative
    What should and should not be read into last week’s ‘historic deal’ between Iran and...
  • Same No More
    Even before the panic and pandemonium was crafted over the "concerns" of Persian Gulf ...
  • Take a Reality Check
    Robust diplomacy and profound technical skill will be put to a test of epic proportions in the coming ten weeks as Iran and the so-called P5+1 meet to work out the minute details of the Joint Compr
  • Lacking Gumption
    On Tuesday the US Congress had a guest. The prime minster of the occupying power...
  • Netanyahu’s Nuisance Value
    Despair, disarray and dismay are but a few polite terms one can borrow...
  • Colossally Unprepared
    This weekend was a bit different for economic Iran and the obstreperous free-marketeers long...
  • Going, Not Gone
    Thirteen years and a disastrous war later, the US-led North Atlantic Treaty...
  • Rude Awakening
    Those relying on oil revenues are in for a rude awakening since summer. The international price of...
  • And Now Graft
    In countries where rule of law is king, the elite are the most responsible for their actions or the lack of it.
  • Atmospherics and Theatrics
    Last autumn it was inconceivable for some of the most optimistic international ...
  • Adjusting Economic Contours
    Leaving politics, for now, to political scientists, it is in the interest of rulers and the ruled to look closely at what is...
  • Financial Tribune  And Economic Maturity
    The need for a professional and privately-owned English language newspaper in Iran was conspicuous by its absence. It became all the more apparent over the past year when the economic world and Iran...