UN Mission’s Anti-Iran Report Denounced

UN Mission’s Anti-Iran Report Denounced
UN Mission’s Anti-Iran Report Denounced

Iran rejected a report by a mission mandated by the United Nations over the 2022 protests in the country, saying the establishment of such a mission by the UN Human Rights Council has been “a politically-motivated and unacceptable” move.
Kazem Gharibabadi, the secretary general of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, made the remarks at the 53rd session of the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday, following a report by a so-called fact-finding mission on alleged human rights violations in Iran during the handling of the protests that erupted in the country last September, ISNA reported.  
The report accused Iran of meting out “harsh punishments” on people suspected of involvement in protests, calling on the country to stop the executions of those sentenced to death in connection with the riots and release all those detained.
In response, Gharibabadi said the establishment of such a mechanism despite Iran acting responsibly during and after the protests is a case of double standard and hypocrisy.
The same countries that fomented the riots in Iran and of course later got caught in a similar situation provided such a mechanism, he said.
Gharibabadi said what happened in Iran last fall was “not simple and peaceful” gatherings, but violent riots and terrorist attacks engineered by think tanks in the West and carried out with the financial, arms and media support of West security services.  
“Several Western countries were involved in fomenting the riots. Terrorists also entered the scene and nearly 100 persons affiliated with terrorist groups … were arrested,” he said. 
He said Iran’s policy on the riots was to use minimum force against law-breakers and this resulted in law enforcement forces sustaining heavy casualties and damage.
Gharibabadi, however, said the plot against Iran was foiled thanks to popular support for the Islamic establishment, with the government quickly bringing the situation under control.
He said that back in early February Iran pardoned nearly all of those who had participated in the protests, excluding only a few rioters who had committed brutal crimes, and the government has also formed an independent committee addressing complaints by those impacted by the riots.
The Iranian official expressed hope that countries sponsoring the riots rectify their wrong policies and adopt realistic ones.
In addition, Gharibabadi said Western states are not in a position to talk about the rights of women and children in Iran, while they themselves are violating the rights of women and children in their own countries.
He enumerated a number of crimes committed by certain countries against Iran, citing the role of Western states in providing former Iraqi regime with chemical weapons that were used in attacks against the Islamic Republic in 1980s, impacting thousands of Iranian women and children.
Gharibabadi also pointed to the illegal and cruel sanctions on Iran by Western countries, saying the bans have caused many Iranian women and children to suffer, slamming the punitive measures as a crime against humanity.

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