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TEDPIX Entering Danger Zone

TEDPIX Entering Danger Zone
TEDPIX Entering Danger Zone

Tehran stocks opened trading week Saturday lower with the main index of Tehran Stock Exchange, TEDPIX, losing 0.64%.  TEDPIX shed 7,705.79 points to drop below the psychological 1.2 million points.  
Trading at TSE and junior exchange Iran Fara Bourse starts on Saturday and ends Wednesday. About 3.08 billion shares worth 22.62 trillion rials ($94.28 million) changed hands at the TSE for the day.
Karafarin Bank was the biggest winner as its shares went up 5.32% to 2,770 rials per share. Pars National Agro-Industry and Animal Husbandry Company incurred the biggest loss among all TSE-listed companies and went down 2.99% to 156,150 rials


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