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Asia Impact Bigger

Asia Impact Bigger Asia Impact Bigger

Asia is taking on a much greater dimension in the “new global disorder”, according to Professor Jean Pierre Lehmann. In an interview with Sputnik he spoke about the economic competition between China and other Asian countries. According to Lehmann, professor of international political economy at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, Asia has a much bigger impact on the world’s economy now with China being the second largest economy in the world. “Fifteen years ago people all over Asia used to wake up and look at the US and what was going on in their economy, but today however, people wake up and look at China,” Lehmann said. He further said that there is fragility and the growth rates might not be the same, but there is a certain dynamism in the Chinese economy and the One Road One Belt initiative is an especially “big vision and dream” aimed at developing infrastructure across both land and sea. “In terms of expanding Chinese influence this will have a huge impact,” Lehmann said.


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