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EU Seeks Protection for Uber-Style Jobs

EU Seeks Protection for Uber-Style JobsEU Seeks Protection for Uber-Style Jobs

The European Commission said on Monday it wants more social protection and rights for workers on short-term and other non-standard contracts to tackle growing inequality, Reuters reported. The commission’s consultation document on these plans is part of a broader reworking of EU economic priorities under pressure from populist critics who accuse Brussels of having pursued ultra-liberal policies to the detriment of workers. The document proposes a substantial review of EU social rights that could partly limit employment flexibility and ease insecurity caused by new types of “gig economy” jobs offered by firms like Uber and food-delivery service Deliveroo. Brussels is proposing to extend full social protection and other forms of security to all workers, including those on very short-term, part-time and zero-hour contracts who in some EU member countries have lower safeguards. “We want that people are aware of their rights and have basic social rights and social protection,” EU Social Affairs Commissioner Marianne Thyssen told a news conference on Monday. “We need rules adapted to new forms of works, with adequate protection,” she added.


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