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China Exports Rise

China Exports RiseChina Exports Rise

China’s exports reversed their course in March and returned to growth for the first time in nine months, DW reported. While investors welcomed the trade data, economists warned it masked underlying weakness in overseas demand. Official figures released on Wednesday showed that China’s exports in March jumped 11.5% from a year earlier, to $160.8 billion, snapping an eight-month streak of declines caused by waning global demand. This is the first increase since June last year and the highest percentage rise since February 2015. Imports, on the other hand, continued to fall but less than expected, declining by 7.6% in dollar-denominated terms to $131 billion, led by sharp corrections in imports of tax-free foreign goods, rentals and leasing and imported equipment. However, import volumes of most major commodities, notably copper and iron ore, rose strongly. The export rebound has fuelled hopes that a growth slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy may be coming to an end.